Watch Michael Phelps’ Curtain Of Distraction – Video

by SwimSwam 22

January 29th, 2016 Lifestyle, Video

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Swimmer A
5 years ago

Love it

Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

How did…whoever that announcer was that always does swimming but isn’t Rowdy Gaines…not know that Phelps went to Michigan for a bit?

Reply to  Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

Because it didn’t happen at an Olympics

Years of Plain Suck
Reply to  Steve-O Nolan
5 years ago

The announcer was Ted Robinson, one-time announcer for Stanford Football, the Mets, and the 49ers. Ted does a number of Olympic sports broadcasts (including swimming) as well.

5 years ago

Looks like they got Patton Oswald and Jonah Hill in on the action too!