WATCH: Cesar Cielo Discusses Going 21.7 On 3 Months Of Training


  • Tuesday, May 2nd – Saturday, May 6th
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Prelims: 9:30 AM Rio time / 8:30 AM EST (Saturday at 10:30 / 9:30 AM)
  • Finals: 5:30 PM Rio time / 4:30 PM EST (Fri/Sat 7 / 6 PM)
  • Long Course (50m)
  • Brazilian Selection Meet for 2017 World Championships
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  • Meet Central / Results
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After crushingly missing the Olympics last year on home soil, Brazil’s Cesar Cielo had a solid comeback meet at the Maria Lenk Trophy last week. Cielo competed in the 100 free, 50 fly and 50 free, with his best finish coming in the 50 free where he was 2nd.

In his post-meet interview, Cielo discusses that he reached one of his three goals for the meet, that being going 21.7 in the 50 free. He mentions he can’t be disappointed with his performance on just three months of training, and that if he’s added to the World Championship team he plans to be faster there.

The CBDA has said that the top-8 FINA point swims combined from the Brazil Open in November and the Maria Lenk Trophy will be automatically named to the Worlds team. Though Cielo didn’t quite crack the top-8, a CBDA official has reportedly said he expects 12-16 swimmers to be named to the team.

So the chances that Cielo gets the call to go to Budapest seem likely, given his 50 free ranks him 6th in the world and his place in the 100 free (3rd) puts him in contention to swim the 400 free relay.

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4 years ago

Cielo was 3rd on 100 free Final but his time ranks him 4th as Fratus went 48,5 on Prelims.. And the team might probably have the following:

Top ITs:
Felipe Lima, Gabriel Santos, João Luiz Gomes Jr., Thiago Simon, Leonardo de Deus, Marcelo Chierighini, Henrique Martins, Guilherme Guido and Brandonn Almeida. (Brandonn and Guido tied on 8th)

Extras: Cielo, Fratus, Nicholas, Guilherme Costa, Vini Lanza, Manuella Lyrio, Joanna Maranhão and Etiene..That would add to 17, but makes sense as Nicholas is probably the favorite for 50 fly by far now, Cielo and Fratus are medal contenders on 50 free and needed on the relay.
Guilherme and Lanza are young and improving.. and Manu Lyrio and Maranhão deserve by… Read more »

Tom from Chicago
4 years ago

In May 2011, Cielo tested positive for the banned substance furosemide. Furosemide is a diuretic often used to help lose weight but it is also a masking agent which may hide the presence of other drugs.

It is near impossible to trust cheaters. I’m glad he didn’t swim in the Rio Olympics. Blood doping is not a victimless crime.

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
4 years ago

Tom , Cielo is legit. Great to see hom comeback! Don’t forget there’s 2 long course WRs with his name that have been untouchable. Its virtually impossible to hit that kind of speed without a rare combination of technique and ability.

Prediction- gold medal 50freestyle at WCs.

Tom from Chicago
Reply to  Hank
4 years ago

How do you defend his World Records when he has been busted for doping? Maybe the combination of technique, ability, and steroids helped him go that fast. Personally, I don’t ever want to see Cielo, Hardy, Efimova, Tae Hwan, etc ever compete internationally.

IMO, shifty politicians running the anti-doping organizations are too weak and too prone to political pressure. I would like to have more athletes on these governing boards. Should an athlete who has been busted for doping be allowed to prevent another innocent athlete from getting a National, World or Olympic title or medal? The honest reward for all the hours spent training by the innocent athlete can be stolen by a cheat.

I think most… Read more »

Reply to  Tom from Chicago
4 years ago

Agree 100%

Reply to  Hank
4 years ago

But both those swims were in the old but now banned body skin suits. Both swims were only a tiny bit faster than the former records he broke (each by .03). If Manaudou (21.19) and McEvoy (47.04) had that suit on for their swims, both Cielo’s times would have easily fallen, particularly the 100. But based on Cielo’s swimming these last couple of years, he’s got a long uphill climb to be competitive again and the 50 is the only one which he even has a chance to be a factor.

4 years ago

Bit of a misleading headline….. was hoping to actually watch the race.

Reply to  swimmmer
4 years ago
The Maria Lenk 50 mts race video on youtube

4 years ago
Here’s the link for race video. Pretty good swim, even though his start isn’t what it used to be. I saw a video of 100 free and it was even worse there

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