Video: What Your Mesh Bag Is Missing

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April 18th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

We are huge fans of using fins in practice. The main reason we train with them is to simulate real-life racing speeds with less effort. We picked up the FINIS Edge Fins a few weeks ago and have to give it to them, they’ve absolutely out done themselves this time.

While the above-mentioned reasoning for fin use is true, these go above and beyond that. The hydrodynamic design makes them legitimately feel like an extension of your foot. They have designed them with this interesting system of vents which eliminates the usual ‘sloppy kicking’ that swimmers get when tired and using any other fins.

Where these fins really excel is how well they transfer into a normal stroke. Usually, when you put on fins, it feels like a paddle for your feet. Once you take them off, your feet feel like they are slipping through the water. Not with these! The moment you take off the FINIS Edge Fins, you feel the same power that you felt with them because they feel like an extension when they are on.

We would highly recommend picking these fins up and adding them to your normal training routine.

You can buy them here:

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