Video: Swim Faster Using A Brick

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April 04th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum

One of the coolest things we’ve had the opportunity of doing since starting this channel is trying out a bunch of cutting edge training products. Things like underwater headphones, futuristic snorkels, and a paddle conceptualized by Michael Phelps himself. Perhaps the coolest and most effective product we have had the opportunity to review is this, The Brick.

The Brick looks like any ordinary kickboard on the outside, but on the inside, it’s 6 lbs. of training equipment gold. You see, it is weighted to the point where the board still floats on its own, but put any amount of weight on it, and it’ll begin to sink. This helps you by developing your core strength, making you kick with more power, and improve body position to ride on top of the water instead of powering through it.

The Brick renders any generic ‘Social Kick’ kick set into another opportunity to improve your time drops by seasons end. It requires you to focus on your core to keep it up, while also kicking powerfully to generate consistent momentum to continue moving. The best part about this product, is that it would be great for any level of swimmer. We highly recommend replacing that useless kick board in your mesh bag with The Brick.

You can buy The Brick here:

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