VIDEO INTERVIEW: Texas Coach Eddie Reese Reveals Secret to Butterfly Dynasty

Above, the head coach of the Texas Longhorns men’s swimming & diving teams, Eddie Reese, talks about his team’s performance at the 2015 Big 12 Championship meet.

Even in this modern era where swimming media coverage has exploded, it’s rare for coaches of the stature of Reese to open up their playbooks and give very specific, workout-driven details about how they’ve had success.

On Saturday, talking to SwimSwam’s Mel Stewart, Reese has done just that – and reveals a little secret to his team’s success and the incredible butterfly class that he’s developed. Specifically, Reese says that in every practice for the last 18 months, his team has done 30-40 25’s butterfly kicking.

Reese also talks about the most surprising result of the meet for his team and the atmosphere at the Big 12 Championships


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Interesting interview. I agree with Eddie’s comment about the jammer vs brief. I think it makes a huge difference in terms of performance over the brief. Would like to see some data on what the actual difference is. My guess is around .5 per 50 vs brief.


Different? Yes. Huge? I guess proportional to the distance. I do not think you cut 0.5 per 50 though. Example, I just bought an Arena jammer for 12 yo boy, before South Texas Champs. His first tech suit. I still feel like we cheated by putting tech suit on, but it was at the point he even looked weird being the only one in briefs in finals. He also started talking how he is in disadvantage by not having tech suit. So, it was time to “ease his mind” and I bought one. I did not let him use it in prelims and he dropped 0.17 of his best on 50 back (29.94). He was the only one with briefs… Read more »

Thanks for this scientific research.


That was just my experience – not meant to be a proof of anything. I never said it was,


who has their 12 year old in briefs?


Thank you for posting this SwimSwam–this is my favorite part of the website and one reason I check it every day–coaching tips from the greats.


It’s like listening to the smartest guy in the room, and then saying to yourself…I am going to do what he’s doing(but he figured it out a year and a half ago!)!!!!!

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