VIDEO INTERVIEW: USMS champ Darian Townsend would love to see 100 IM added to NCAA lineup

Former South African Olympian Darian Townsend won the 100 IM at Masters Nationals in a new USMS record. He chats with SwimSwam’s Mike Lewis about that unique event in the video above, saying that he’d like to see the 100 IM more involved in U.S. Swimming, perhaps even added to the NCAA meet lineup.

Townsend seems to now have his sights set on the U.S. National Team, as he says American Pan Pac Trials will be his next major competition.

Video capture courtesy of Mike Lewis.

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6 years ago

I am a little confused as to why he is trying to make the U.S. team if he is South African? I will ask the same question about Arkady Vyatchinan (spelling? Haha)

Reply to  SamH
6 years ago

SamH – both have been quite outspoken that they would like to get citizenship and swim for Team USA, but neither has had much success yet.

6 years ago

OK. Let’s do this… who in the NCAA past would have been great 100 IMers???

My quick list…

Vlad Morozov
Darian Townsend
Roland Schoeman
Albert Subirats
George Bovell
Ryk Neethling
Ian Crocker

Natalie Coughlin
Jessica Hardy
Ariana Kukors
Jenny Thompson
Dana Vollmer

Billy Howard
6 years ago

Neil Walker

Brendan Hansen (I believe he won the 100 IM at the Texas All-Star meet that floswimming had covered)

Gotta think Brian Retterer would have been good, though I don’t know about his Breaststroke

Aaron Peirsol

Reply to  Billy Howard
6 years ago

Ian Crocker won that race with an illegal backstroke underwater, Adam Ritter got second (mods, I’ll toss the link in here, feel free to delete if necessary): In terms of the 100 IM, I always thought it’d be a neat thing to do as a swimmer of the meet type dealio at NCAAs (pick the top 6 or 8 guys or girls and have them race it after the 4free relay) but with the schedule the way it is, it’d be really rough on the swimmers. Maybe the last day at short course nats in the winter, with some type of points system to earn your way into the race followed by some decent cash prize for winning/placing the… Read more »

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