Video: Easiest Way To Swim Freestyle

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October 13th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

There are a lot of “common” mistakes that swimmers make in their everyday training that winds up effecting them down the line. These often result in laziness or bad habits, and wind up influencing a swimmer in both time and efficiency. Today we are going over a simple fix to your freestyle will improve it dramatically. We call this drill, the finger tip drag.

Finger tip drag is super simple. All your going to do is swim a somewhat normal freestyle (leaning more towards a catch up stroke), but when you are recovering your arm in your freestyle stroke you are going to keep your fingers on the surface and skim the water. This forces you to keep your elbows as high in the air as possible which winds up putting you into the perfect position to generate a powerful next stroke.

This is a drill that you can do often and at high volume as it is as close to a normal freestyle stroke as possible. You must make a conscious choice to make this change in your stroke, but when you do you will notice a HUGE improvement!

As usual, Let us know what you think of this weeks drill! Recommendations for our next video topic? Let us know in the comments below!

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swim coach

yea like Caeleb Dressel does fingerdrag when he goes 18.2 ………. comon now

crooked donald

Dressel does fairly unique hybrids on his start and his freestyle. He mixes the Tandy start with the pull your guns from the holster start. His free he does a hybrid of straight arm and slight elbow bend to go immediately into a catch. But you’re right, he’s not doing finger drag drills.


Not every style of swimming is designed for 50s. This is a better mid distance stroke, longer pull with a strong kick makes it more efficient but not as rapid and explosive as a straight arm or immediate catch spring stroke.


I sprint freestyle it’s important to get to the catch immediately, hence a more straight arm stroke.

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