USADA Launches “Supplement 411” Website

The USADA has taken the fight against doping to a whole new level. With most positive tests explained away these days by “supplements,” the governing body for drugs in the United States has put together a website that lays out the risks and warnings of certain supplements; as well as a guide for athletes to test supplements in independent 3rd-party labs.

The site is useful for all, but is aimed at elite athletes. Still it is a great site for parents to look at with their kids in the event that their highschool-aged athletes are looking to begin a supplement routine.

Check out here.

This is something that the swimming community has needed for a long time. They steered clear of saying any supplement was a “good choice” or of certifying anything as steroid-free, but they did give big red flags about which ones athletes should saty away from.

This certainly won’t help catch those who do cheat, and it probably won’t prevent the legal challenges for accidental ingestions. What it will do, however, is help honest athletes ensure that they don’t have years of reputation ruined by a lack of information. The other side of the coin is that it chips away at the veil of true cheaters, and makes it harder for them to hide behind an explanantion of “I didn’t know that supplement had a banned substance in it – it’s legal afterall.”

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I know several athletes that have received positives test results from over the counter (OTC) supplements within the past decade. These athletes were not malicious people. They simply had too much trust that supplements that they could purchase from GNC would add value to their dietary intake. Although this USADA online site is a good start, I would like to see something better. How about a site where any athlete from high school to college to professional to supporting staff (Strength coaches and regular coaches) could enter the name of any OTC supplement to simply see if it is legit or not. I remember many swimmers on my team in 2000-2001 taking supplements with ephedrine in them, and it seems… Read more »

Patrick O

If there is one thing I could change about my swimming career it is with out a doubt my diet. I look back at how I ate during my career and I’m disgusted. Thinking back on the TV and magazine specials leading up to Beijing with Phelps eating entire pizzas, Subway sandwiches filled with processed foods, etc… and REALLY I’m disgusted. (That’s right Subway is not fresh or healthy!) Most swimmers eat the same way, shoveling anything they can into their mouth’s in order to get the energy they need. They then literally supplement their diet’s with pills to give them the necessary nutrients. I was the same way. Why did I not eat the right food to begin with?… Read more »


I totally agree, Patrick O. Eating real food is a pretty foreign concept. Do you need more vitamins? Eat more fruits and vegetables. Need more protein? eat more beans, whole grains and lean meats. Feel tired and broken down? Get sleep. Learn more about food instead ofresearching supplements.


1, 3 dimethylamylamine

that’s the ingredient and its aliases in the jack3d and many other fat burners or preworkout mixes

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