USA Swimming Releases 2012-13 Scholastic All-American Team

by Michael Sanders 7

September 16th, 2013 Club, News

USA Swimming announced the members of the 2012-2013 Scholastic All-American Team. This recognizes athletes that not only succeed in the pool, but also in the classroom as well.

To be eligible for the team one must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a USA Swimming Registered Member

2. Completed either 10th, 11th, or 12th grade.

3. Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher

4. Achieve the provided time standards, which can be found here.

Missy Franklin completed her perfect 3 for 3 in Scholastic All-American Awards this year finishing with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

There were 731 Women and 625 Men who achieved recognition this year.  Of those, 558 Women and 483 Men had perfect 4.0 GPA’s.  There was a grand total of 1356 Award Recipients this year. You can find the Full List of award winners here.

Scholastic All-American Awards By the Numbers:

North Carolina Swimming 72 SwimMAC Carolina-NC 22
Middle Atlantic Swimming 68 Nation’s Capital Swim Club-PV 21
Southern California Swimming 61 Lakeside Swim Team-KY 18
Pacific Swimming 61 Scottsdale Aquatic Club-AZ 18
Florida Swimming 58 Aquajets Swim Team-MN 17
New Jersey Swimming 53 Nitro Swimming-ST 17
Indiana Swimming 51

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9 years ago

Does USA Swimming have a number of registered swimmers who are 15-18? It’d be great to see what percentage of that age group are achieving this honor. It’d be a great recruiting tool for clubs. I’ve emailed them and received no response.

Reply to  Joe
9 years ago

Demographic breakdown for 2012. 70,634 but many of the 15 year old are not eligible because the program begins in sophomore year. It doesn’t accurately reflect the academic accomplishments of USA swimmers since many don’t meet the time standards.

Certainly an very impressive group of young scholar/athletes

9 years ago

What an incredibly petty comment. Disappointing to see someone take a hit like that at a commendable accomplishment because a student might be taking collegiate level courses and been rewarded for it.

Grade Grubber
Reply to  Wow
9 years ago

Haha wasn’t trying to belittle the accomplishment of a 4.0, was just saying that it means something different than SwimSwam was suggesting. Schools vary in the extent to which they reward students for collegiate and honors credit, so it’s worth noting.

Reply to  Grade Grubber
9 years ago

A swimmer does not report a GPA, only grades, so it matters not how it is calculated. The following is assigned by USA Swim:
A = 4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0 for each class.
USA Swim gives one point for each honors or ap class.

Grade Grubber
9 years ago

I’m pretty sure that all of those 4.0’s are not “perfect.” Most are probably weighted, giving extra points for AP and honors courses so that the max possible GPA for each student is above 4.0. From what I recall when I applied for this, USA Swimming allowed me to report my weighted 4.4 GPA.

9 years ago

Now this is something to brag about for the sport with the time spent swimming to attain the time standards. Always great to see every year just like the Collegiate GPA’s ranking that also come out. The sign of a great sport.

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