TSS Aquatic Coach Chris Nesbit, Cameron McEvoy Share Training Insights (Video)

Greatness in the Making: TSS Aquatic from Swimming Australia on Vimeo.

In August of 2018 25-year-old Cameron McEvoy of Australia made the move from longtime training home of Bond to TSS Aquatics to try out training under coach Chris Nesbit. The club is also home to Commonwealth Games medalists Kiah Melverton, Laura Taylor and David Morgan.

Although he missed out on individual medals at the 2019 World Championships, McEvoy did collect silver as a prelims swimmer on the mixed 4x100m free relay, while he also notched bronze as part of the men’s 4x100m free relay.

Swimming Australia recently highlighted the TSS Aquatic club to check-in on its preparations for the 2020 Olympic season.

McEvoy said of the squad’s training dynamic, “We go right across the spectrum. We have swimmers that specialize in the 50m freestyle and a swimmer who’s done the 25km. Every session there’s one, two, three or four different sessions going on targeting different types of athletes.”

Melverton walked through a typical session as, “Monday morning we set it up for the week. We get in and do a really long aerobic set, maybe do some descending work, try to find our stroke, then get in a do some gym. Come Monday night it’s a full-on race-pace session.”

For his part, Morgan comments on how unique the group is. “Our squad is very special. We have a really good group of people. Chris really does instill strong respect in the squad, but we really do have a lot of healthy banter that goes around,” he said.

As the leader of the talented team, Nesbit sums up his coaching philosophy as, “We just want to work hard, we want to be responsible for ourselves, we’ve got to be disciplined and have desire. They’ve got to want to be successful.”

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1 year ago

Am I crazy in thinking McEvoy is maybe one of the swimmers Marsh could do something special with

Reply to  Markster
1 year ago

I think he would get more benefit with Salo

Reply to  Markster
1 year ago

I think Fabrice Pellerin would be good for him. I always thought he could have worked wonders with Katie Hoff too.

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