TritonWear Makes Superior Swimmers With Revolutionary Technology

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July 16th, 2015 Industry, News, Training

Courtesy of TritonWear

“The future is here” states Kevin Thorburn, the Head Coach of Etobicoke Swim Club referring to TritonWear and their unique wearable technology that gives coaches real-time and historical data on all key metrics for each of their swimmers.

Triton.Goggles (courtesy of Triton)The Triton units are small devices that clip onto the back of a swimmer’s goggles and automatically calculate a dozen key performance metrics and transmit them in real-time to a coach’s tablet. The data is stored online for further analysis and for tracking over-time. Metrics include splits, stoke count, stroke rate, distance-per-stroke, turn time, distance underwater, and more.

For the first time, coaches can now accurately and easily monitor all their athletes during practice, enabling them to give more specific feedback to each swimmer. Coaches can also look at a swimmer’s metrics over-time to help them develop more effective training programs, resulting in faster racing.

Triton MobileApp.Realtime  (courtesy of Triton)Several swim teams have been using TritonWear with dramatic results. Kevin Anderson, the Head Coach of Mississauga Swim Club, has been using the Triton units with his team. “The TritonWear system is like having 20 assistants constantly gathering performance data, allowing me to move away from my stopwatch during test sets so I can focus on my athletes and spend more time fixing technique issues than ever before, while still having critical workout data recorded for each athlete.”

Head Coach of the University of Waterloo Swimming, Jeff Slater, said TritonWear “will allow [coaches] to try technical changes and see how they affect stroke, pacing and other aspects in both real-time and over many workouts with a large group of swimmers”.

Mike Thompson, the Head Coach of Wilfred Laurier University Swimming, states that “TritonWear takes a lot of the guess work out of what is happening during a set and helps me work with facts rather than opinion.”.

Triton WebApp (courtesy of Triton)TritonWear was co-founded by former engineering classmates, Tristan Lehari and Darius Gai. Tristan is a former competitive swimmer who competed for the University of Waterloo varsity team for all five years of his Mechatronics Engineering degree and was Team Captain for the final two. Tristan and Darius started out by strapping sensors in a GoPro case to the back of swimmers heads during training and have now released the product to customers in a sleek, non-invasive unit which sits comfortably on the back of a swimmers head.

According to co-founder and CEO Tristan Lehari, “Real-time data in a coach’s hand is a powerful tool that will allow coaches to optimize each swimmer’s training program. As a competitive swimmer myself, I know the incredible work that coaches and swimmers devote to being their best. We wanted to create something that would ensure all that hard work was being done as effectively as possible in order to enable swimmers to meet their goals and beyond. TritonWear is giving coaches the tools they need to make the best athletes possible.”.

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Triton.Device (courtesy of Triton)

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7 years ago

This request is sent from Sri Lanka. Is there anyway I could purchase this on the net. and if so how much would it cost?

Awaiting an early response

7 years ago

Please send me the following details

1. The Cost of a Triton wear
2. Where could this be purchased in New York

Awaiting an early response

Swim for Fun
7 years ago

How much is this device?

Reply to  Swim for Fun
7 years ago

Affordable! Contact TritonWear for a quote for your team by signing up for a demo!

Reply to  TritonWear
7 years ago

I am trying to get my son’s team to trial this but have not received any response from your sales team when submitting a request for additional information.