Toronto Titans & Tokyo Frog Kings Arrive In Budapest (Photos)

With week 1 of the International Swimming League (ISL) matches having concluded in Budapest this past Monday, we’re already moving our attention to week 2’s action. That means we get to have the new ISL squads of the Toronto Titans and the Tokyo Frog Kings potentially move in on the points, with both lineups rife with talent.

In our just-published ISL power rankings, the Titans are positioned 7th among the 10 teams just based on the roster, while the Tokyo Frog Kings are ranked 4th.

Several Japanese swimmers are coming fresh off of their nation’s short course championships, which took place over the weekend. You can see our list of top 5 swims from that competition here.

While we wait for racing to get back underway Saturday, October 24th, check out the Titan’s and Frog Kings’ arrival photos, as shared on various social media accounts.


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9 months ago

Tokyo needs a more menacing team name, like the Tokyo Godzillas, or Tokyo MegaLizards or get a sponsorship from Nintendo or Pokemon and be the Tokyo Charizards or Tokyo Bowsers

Frog Kings?

Reply to  SwimDad
9 months ago

You clearly don’t understand the context behind it.

Coleman Hodges
Reply to  SwimDad
9 months ago

While I’m not downing the frog kings as a mascot at all, i think every 90’s kid would freak out over the Tokyo Charizards

Kitajima Fan
Reply to  SwimDad
9 months ago


Reply to  SwimDad
9 months ago

That made me laugh harder than it should have. 😄

“Frog Kings” represents breaststroke, which was team GM Kitajima’s stroke. Breaststroke is known as, literally, “frog stroke” in Japanese.

9 months ago

Tokyo Frog Kings PR on point as per usual.

9 months ago

I just want the shirt Kitajima is wearing. Is that so much to ask??? TAKE MY MONEY!

IU Swammer
Reply to  Roch
9 months ago

I know! ISL needs a gear shop!

Canadian Swimmer
9 months ago


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