Top Seed at Brazilian Junior Championship Severely Injured After Being Hit By Car

A 13-year old swimmer has been struck by a car and hospitalized on the eve of Brazil’s 13-14 National Championship meet.

According to Brazil’s GloboesportePedro Nicolas Silva was crossing the street on his way to a training pool ahead of the meet, when he was hit by a Ford Fiesta. His coach claims that Silva, along with a group of teammates and coaches, waited for the signal to cross, but the car failed to obey the law.

The driver, apparently, says just the opposite.

While Silva’s injuries are not expected to be life-threatening, he broke both legs, an arm, and his jaw. Silva was a favorite to win the 100 fly, as he was the top seed in the 100 fly in the 13-year olds age group.

The Championship meet, known as the “Campeonato Brasileiro Infantil de Natação” or the “Infant Swimming Championships,”  are being held in Vitoria. Silva hails from the Amazonas region in Brazil, which is not known for its swimming talent, but he was one of their brightest hopes for the future.

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Rafael Teixeira

Sad newd for a young talent having this kind of accident.. and he is actually from a state with no traditional at all (Amazonas) on swimming.

Hope he can recover well and his injuries doesn´t hinder his life and his swim..


I lived in that crazy, crime infested country for a year. They drive like maniacs and I saw a guy get hit by a car in the street during carnival in Lavras, Minas Gerais. The driver did not even bother to slow down and kept on going after the guy got hit. It was ugly and hard to believe. If there is a ‘Stop” sign, 50% of the drivers slow down to 50 KPH and just honk their horn as they drive past it. I feel badly for the young swimmer, whose swim career is probably ruined. I have no desire ever to visit Brazil ever again. You can have it. The 2014 World Cup will be real interesting and… Read more »


Infantil means Youth, not Infant 😉

Translations aside, my heart goes out to the poor kid, whether he crossed legally or not, it’s a terrible thing to have happen.

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