Tokyo 2020 Olympic Venues Will Be Entirely Smoke-Free

Tokyo 2020 organizers announced today that the next edition of the Summer Olympic Games will be entirely smoke- and vape-free. No tobacco products, including vaping devices, will be permitted at any venue during the Tokyo 2020 Games. This includes indoor and outdoor venues, as well as within the venues’ secure perimeters.

The Athletes’ Village, as well as other sites without spectators, are still considered non-smoking, but will allow smoking in designated areas.

Per Reuters, organizers said the measures were adopted to “protect the health and safety of athletes, spectators and officials,” as well as “leave a legacy of improved public health for the country at large.”

This is a follow-up to the policy we reported back in June of 2018. Effective April 2020, smoking will be entirely banned on all school premises. Additionally, specific smoking spaces will need to be created outside university and hospital buildings if the organizations wish to accommodate smokers.

Smoking at inside restaurants in Tokyo will also be banned, although a separate smoking-only room can be set-up to accommodate customers. No eating or drinking would be allowed in the smoking-only room.

The stricter anti-smoking rules are aimed at curbing smoking, a habit held by almost 20% of the Japanese population.

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2 years ago

That I have to pay and see… Japanese smoke a lot..

Reply to  Rafael
2 years ago

Wait really?

2 years ago


2 years ago

How will the Olympians rip jeebs before their races then?

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