The Biology of Swimming: Everything You Need To Know About the Swimming Machine

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A new year approaches and with it a new opportunity to renew our mental engagement with our training. The Biology of Swimming book and course can help you (the coach) and you (the swimmer) understand the “why” behind the “how.” Order now to receive in time for Christmas!

“Thank you, Karl, your book has helped me be a better coach!”

– Megan Oesting, ASCA Coach of the year 2019. Head coach of SwimMac and founder of MOSTswimtech

Your body is a Swimming Machine with a lot of moving parts. Knowing how these parts work can help you understand why you feel the way you do at practice, why you train the way you do, and why you race the way you do.

Complicated exercise science is translated into simple “picture book” format with over 300 illustrations to help you grasp the tough concepts. When you understand how your training is helping, it becomes that much more effective!

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Don’t like reading? We turned the entire book into a course you can watch in bite sized pieces explained by author Dr. Karl Hamouche. Twelve hours of content broken down into 85 digestible short videos you can share with your swimmers during teaching sessions and online Zoom meetings. Coaches who can simply and accurately explain the “why” behind the “what” will get the most out of their team.

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“Karl’s book has helped me understand and even enjoy the very difficult topic of human physiology. I continue to refer to various chapters throughout the season for support and clarification. Karl explains the complexity of the human body in clear, simple language that helps both coaches and athletes get straight to the point,

“How can I go fast!?!”

“Last summer I read the Taper chapter to my group three weeks before our big meet and we had the most drama free Taper I’ve ever been a part of.  We had a common language and noticed and named every stage along the way, and this helped all of us feel confident in the process and normalized the sensations that generally trigger uncertainty and doubt.

We’re doing the same thing with energy systems and I’ve never had more buy-in with both specific sets and overall cycles because we’ve got clarity around their purpose.

Thank you, Karl, your book has helped me be a better coach!”

– Megan Oesting, ASCA coach of the year 2019, head coach of Eastern Iowa Federation and founder of

“I’ve been to a lot of coaching seminars and have read a number of books and articles on energy systems and biology as it pertains to swimming….

However, none of that compares to the real learning and in depth understanding that I got from information presented by Karl Hamouche in The Biology of Swimming!

Karl’s unique writing style allows the reader to understand a very complicated scientific subject (human biology) in a simple and straightforward way. The illustrations in the book are also very helpful to understanding the material presented in the text.

I strongly recommend this book for any coach or swimmer who wants to learn more about swim training.”

– Scott Kitzman, head coach at The Stateline Aquatic Team

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