Zsofia Ratkai

L’Ungherese Ratkari Inala Acqua Durante La Staffetta Agli Eurojunior E Si Ferma

La 15enne ungherese Zsofia Ratkai si è sentita male durante la staffetta 4×100 stile libero agli Eurojunior ed è ricorsa alle cure mediche

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Hungary’s Zsofia Ratkai Inhales Water During 4×100 Free Relay Final

During the second-leg of the girls’ 4×100 freestyle relay, Zsofia Ratkai inhaled water into her lungs, which caused her to stop in the middle of the race.


Jackl Vivien’s 4:46.47 400 IM Shatters Krisztina Egerszegi’s Hungary Age Record

13-year-old Jackl Vivien broke the record for her age in the 400 IM at the National Youth Championships. Krisztina Egerszegi set the previous record in 1987.