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Two Tips for Parents about Swim Meets – Swim Mom Wisdom

“A coach once told me that his favorite swim parents are the ones who jump in and help–wherever they are needed–and don’t expect anything in return. Keep that in mind, especially at swim meets.”


7 Ways Swim Meets Prepare Our Kids for the Real World

Swim meets are a world upon themselves. They can be stressful, fun and a wild roller coaster ride. If we step back and let our swimmers take over, meets can be a place for them to be responsible.


10 Things I Like Most About Age Group Swim Meets

Parents of youngers, enjoy it. Embrace this experience while you can. Here are my ten favorite things about age group meets…


12 Tips for Parents about College vs. Club Meets

After 15 years as an age group swim mom, this is my first year as a parent of a college swimmer. I love both roles, but there are big differences between the two. Especially at swim meets.


14 Parent Tips On How To Behave at Swim Meets

The competitive atmosphere can bring out some less than positive traits in parents. Here are 14 tips for how to behave at meets to make the experience better for you and your swimmer.


11 Things I Never Knew About Swim Meets

After being a swim mom for 15 years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about swim meets. Then, I decided to take the big plunge and dive in.


4 Reasons why 100 IM should be offered at all swim meets

The 100 IM is a race many swimmers would love to have!


15 Ways Swimmers Do It Much Better

Here are 15 reminders why our sport kicks a metric ton of butt.


10 Swim Meet Ideas for Generation Y & Millennials

Here are 10 great meet ideas you might like to try at the club, local, regional or even international level. If you host it, they will come!


5 Things This Club Swimming Mom Will Miss

Why don’t you put the kids on the swim team? It was 13 years ago when a parent from my summer pool club said these words to me. Those 10 words altered the course of my family’s lives for the next 13 years – in a very good way.


7 Ways to be a Better Teammate

It’s the season for championship meets, and the goal of any program is to finish on top. One of the easiest ways to do this is to compete as a cohesive team, with everyone participating as the best teammate they can be.

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Burning Skin or Itching at Swim Meets

“Unfortunately for the swimmers, chlorine side-effects are the worst at swim meets. Because of increased chlorine, swimmers are exposed to higher levels of chlorine during meets.”


Beautiful Barbados Plays Host to International Championship Swim Meets

The next Open Water event on the calendar is the Barbados Open Water Festival scheduled for November 2nd 2014 in Carlisle Bay (1.5km & 5km races) and open to all swimmers from recreational to elite.

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The Swimming Way of Life, Video Feature

Sometimes we (SwimSwam) get emails that just make us smile. The one below from Taylor Counter is my favorite so far this month. Swim coaches are sacred my in my opinion, so meaningful in our lives, and Taylor clearly feels the same way.

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Olympian Maritza Correia McClendon at US World Trials for Nike Swim

Olympic medalist, Maritza Correia McClendon, is a former American and World Record holder, the first African Amercian woman to achieve…

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