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8 Swim Parent Reflections About Conference Meets

This week, our daughter competes in her second conference meet. My role has changed from my days at age group championship meets…

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5 Tips for Swim Parents to Leave Your Team Better Than You Found It

The sad truth is when your child is nine years old, it may feel like your days as a swim parent are endless. Before you know it, your child will begin the college recruiting process.


6 Swim Parent Tips to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Competition

Why do we get so emotionally involved in how fast our children swim across the pool? Have you ever stopped to watch parents faces at meets? You’ll see extreme pain, elation, frustration and everything in between.


6 Swim Parent Tips On Why Your Child Isn’t Getting Best Times

Many parents complain or worry when their kids aren’t dropping time. I’ve explained to my fellow swim parents that if our kids dropped time, every single time they swam, they’d be in the Olympics already.


Five Fresh Starts to a New Season of Swim Parenting

We’re coming up on a new swim season. Our kids have had a couple weeks off and we’ve enjoyed a short summer vacation. School is starting up and it’s time for our kids to jump back into the pool.


6 Tips for Swim Parents About Letting Our Kids Take Ownership

If your children take responsibility and ownership, then they most likely have intrinsic motivation and love swimming.


6 Tips for Swim Parents About Board Members

1. Board members are swim parents, too. They want the best for their swimmers and the team. They’d like some time to enjoy a swim meet and to watch their swimmers race.


5 Things to Discuss With Your Swimmer About College

5 things swim parents need to discuss with their swimmers about college recruiting.

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One Tip for Swim Parents About Relays

I’ve heard stories repeatedly through the years of relay teams being let down by a swimmer. If you’ve got a kid who is fortunate to be picked for a relay, remember this is part of being a TEAM.


7 Tips for Swim Parents About College Recruiting

During recruiting, my swimmer talked to coaches by email, phone and in person. Coaches shared great advice about college recruiting and things to consider in making a decision. Here are seven tips about college recruiting from a variety of coaches:


11 things I’ve learned from two weeks of Masters Swimming

After 15 years of swim parenting, I joined Masters two weeks ago. Here are 11 things I’ve learned from two weeks of Masters…


One Tip for Swim Parents – Enjoy the Process

Being a swim parent has its highs and lows. Here’s some advice on balancing out the experience and learning to love the process.


Coto Coyote Swim Team supports Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat

Coto Coyote Head Coach Todd Conrad instills community awareness in his program “Coyotes’ Trick or Treat so Kids can Eat.”


Two Top Tips for Age Group Swimmers and Parents

As an overly-involved swim mom for close to 15 years, I learned many lessons from our age-group years. Here are my top two tips to pass along to swimmers and parents…