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"Your only limit is you" ~ Napoleon Hill

Ce que j’ai appris du sport que j’aime profondément

Ça fait 8 mois que j’ai appris que c’était la fin de ma carrière de nageuse.

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12 Things That Happen When You Date A Swimmer

#1 – Your significant other is probably more muscular than you… Sorry. We can’t help being jacked. It just happens. You probably can’t beat us in a sit-up contest, either. But that’s ok. You could outrun us any day.


How My Epilepsy Diagnosis Affected My Swimming Career

It was a Sunday morning around noon, about a month ago. A few friends and I were walking into the dining hall to eat after a night out.


An Open Letter To Our Team Captains

Dear Captains, thank you for a season of guidance, leadership, and endless support.

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The 12 Days Of Swimming

On the week after Christmas my swim coach gave to me…

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Six Swimmer Moments You Have Outside of the Pool

Ever needed to roughly measure about 50 meters? That looks about the length of a long course pool.

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7 Struggles of the Off Season Swimmer

#4 – Training Guilt, one of the seven struggles of the off season swimmer.


A Letter To My Younger Teammates

I know it feels like it’s never going to end. Taking the same drive, to that same pool, to practice with the same people every single day. But please listen to me when I tell you to make the most of it, because it’s going to fly by.

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6 struggles of being a flyer

#5 – 200 fly is a necessary evil


6 Ways to Keep Warm this Swim Season

There have been countless moments in which I have wondered who decided to make swimming a winter sport. Most of these thoughts have taken place while speed-walking to my car on a cold January/February night as my hair freezes to ice.

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A Letter to my Closest Teammate

Swim Friends Definition: 2 aquatic athletes bound by the mutual experience of pain, and the mutual respect for the others perseverance through long swim practices, often in highly chlorinated pools, on nights when their other friends were out at parties.


You Finished Swim Practice and You Are Starving

Courtesy of Swimtern Bryana Cielo, a high school swimmer with an opinion shared 15,000+ times on Facebook.


Dear Swimming, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

“I held onto you because no matter how much you broke me down, you’ve made me so much stronger emotionally, intellectually, and academically. And I wouldn’t trade that strength for anything.”


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