SwimSwam’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Instagram Videos of 2020

2020. What more is there to be said about it that hasn’t already been said? The coronavirus quarantine left pent up tapers without a meet that needed to be released, and that energy translated to a lot of really good social content.

Below are the most-viewed videos on SwimSwam’s Instagram channel in 2020. We excluded our “news videos” from this ranking, because that’s not as much fun.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a video to make swimming a more fun place this year.

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on SwimSwam’s Instagram in 2020

Based on total reach

10. Dan Porter breaks his face for the gram

The collective cringe in the comments because he’s wearing a tech suit.

9. Breaststrokers are athletes too.

Bet he can dunk.

8. Swimmer Strength with the Valpo Swim Club

Pre quarantine stuff.

7. Avi Zahara does her best Yulia Efimova impression

Dad of the year nominee.

6. Natasha Whittall Sums it all up

This just in: still putting on that tech suit.

5. Amy Micallef is always ready to race

Ever had a dream that you missed your race?

4. Ok but really. You can go.

Can we ‘new normal’ this?

3. Claire Sweetwood Getting in Yards Where She Can

Ahh, remember the early days of quarantine?


2. Sisa Solymosyova Does Daft Punk

Because swimmers do it harder, faster, stronger.

1. Reese Dehen, Allison Schrank, Megan Schultze, and Emily Pawlaski Break a Back Yard World Record

That Turnover though.

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