Swimming World: Hutchison To Stay at FAST, Jewell Calls Move "Rumor"

SwimmingWorldMagazine.com is now reporting that they have received confirmation that Sean Hutchison will be staying at the Post-grad training center in Fullerton, California as the lead coach for the USA-Swimming elite squad. This is despite previous reports in the Washington Post and USA Today, among other publications, which stated in no uncertain terms that Hutchison had moved on.

Bill Jewell, who is the director of the FAST swim team, told Swimming World that Hutchison was simply on a Holiday vacation, similar to most of his swimmers, and that his leaving was pure rumor. He also stated that he’s not sure how those rumors got into the press.

This all becomes quite a strange situation, as there seemed to not be any ambiguity in Jewell’s original comments to the Post, including referring to Hutchison’s program as a “Dog and pony show,” and saying that he hoped to have a new coach in place by January 1. Jewell did go on to say that moving on was still in Hutchison’s long term plans, but that the move was not expected in the near future.

At any rate, the USA-Swimming community should breathe at least a temporary sigh of relief, as Hutchison and FAST are the current hosts to a large handful of USA-Swimming National Team members who have seen a lot of success under the tutelage of both Hutchison and Jon Urbanchek.

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Anne E. Mouse
10 years ago

He also is guilty of inviting swimmers to the FAST elite program then not responding to e-mails, phone calls, etc. AFTER they already made moves.

11 years ago

im tired of this to. Everyone knows the person Sean so had affairs with is Ariana the swimming world is not that stupid. I been reading articles on this topic and come across the issue of Sean leaving FAST to start his own elite swimming team ( he says that it is not because of the rumors that were being spread) and now all of a sudden he ends up staying at FAST right when the rumors die down. Sooo what does this mean? I guess it was because of the rumors Sean. And as for this elite team you were going to make after so saying you were going to leave FAST, I just dont understand it? I thought… Read more »

11 years ago

Hollywood is the heart of rumors and drama. So it is no surprise, actually it’s expected from the captains at the wheel. Some people are the masters at creating the rumors needed to ultimately support their own gains. Kinda like a card shark… get everyone to look at what is happening in my left hand so no one notices what I am doing with my right.

11 years ago

Shouldn’t someone tell the parties involved “in the rumors” that the emperor has no clothes?
For the sake of swimming, I hope this is last we hear of such things.

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