Swimming Science Stroke Troubleshooting System Book and Video Series

This fall, coaches and swimmers can welcome a new addition to the coaching library.  Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. G. John Mullen and his team at Swimming Science now offer the Swimming Science Stroke Troubleshooting System book and video series.  With nearly two hours of video content and comprehensive textbook, the Troubleshooting System helps integrate stroke instruction, dryland conditioning, and rehabilitation into a coherent approach to improve technical skill and injury resilience. Many in the swim community know Dr. Mullen from his acclaimed Swimmers Shoulder System and his rehabilitation lectures on the continuing education circuit.  The Troubleshooting System is a unique opportunity to bring part of this expertise into your own team.

swimming science logo (courtesy of John Mullen)“As a rehabilitation professional in the clinic and a strength coach during dry-land, it’s often clear that fundamental aspects of each swimmer’s body can determine their long-term performance and health,” says Dr. Mullen.  “Whether through muscle imbalances, tissue abnormalities, or simply poor habits in previous training, each swimmer brings their own physical history to the pool that coaches must deal with when teaching stroke mechanics.  We’ve created a system helps coaches identify athletes at risk for injury before injury occurs and can synthesize dry-land and rehabilitation approaches to address specific biomechanics in the water in all four strokes.”

Co-author and strength and conditioning specialist Allan Phillips adds, “We’re confident that this system can work under any sound training program.  We offer a set of tools that do not replace what coaches already do, but instead can sharpen their eye to nuances in the body.  Above all, the system helps address the key question of “Why?”  Why does this swimmer have difficulty with an early vertical forearm?  Why does another swimmer have unstable hips during freestyle?  With the swimmer’s unique physical characteristics as the starting point, we offer an assessment approach that can improve skill acquisition in the water and help tailor dryland programming and rehabilitation protocols to each swimmer’s body and stroke patterns.”

As a pre-order special through September 22, system owners will receive a six month subscription to Swimming Science Research Review (normally $10 per month) in addition to the full text and private video library, all for $59.  Normal pricing will take effect thereafter at $79 for the complete system.  For additional information please visit the product website at Swimming Troubleshooting System or at Swimming Science.

About the Author

Dr. G. John Mullen is the creator of the highly acclaimed Swimmer’s Shoulder System and founder of Swimming Science. He received his Doctorate in Physical at University of Southern California (USC). At USC, he was a clinical research assistant at USC performing research on adolescent diabetes, lung adaptations to swimming, and swimming biomechanics. G. John has been featured in Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, and the International Society of Swim Coaches Journal. He is currently the strength and conditioning coach at Santa Clara Swim Club, owner of the Center of Optimal Restoration and Mullen Physical Therapy, LLC, and editor-in-chief of the Swimming Science Research Review.

Allan Phillips is a member of the Swimming Science team and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with Pike Athletics. He is also an American Swimming Coaches Association Level 2 coach, USA Triathlon coach, StrongFirst Kettlebell (SFG) instructor, and Functional Movement Screen specialist. Allan has been featured in the USA Triathlon coaching webinar series and by Swimmer Magazine.  In June 2012, Dr. Mullen selected Allan as an editor for the Swimming Science Research Review. Along with his coaching duties, Allan is enrolled in the Army-Baylor Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

This release was provided to swimswam by Swimming Science Stroke Troubleshooting System.

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