Swimming Power Harness – Drive with Your Shoulders

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August 06th, 2018 News

Courtesy of SwimSmart, a SwimSwam partner

The Swimming Power Harness is an upgrade to the typical waist belt used by parachutes and Power Towers. Waist belts allow for bad body position and don’t help train a driving stroke.

The Power Harness forces the swimmer’s upper body to drive to the other wall in a straight line rather than let it bob up and down aimlessly. It helps swimmers feel their power through the shoulders, giving them valuable feedback. This is the next step in resistance training!

  • Quickly clip in and out with an aluminum anti-rust carabiner
  • Versatile use with Power Towers or parachutes
  • Reversable for backstroke training
  • One size fits all harness with neoprene shoulder sleeves for comfort
  • Add a Chute and 2lb Weight right from the e-store

Follow the link to check out more videos and pictures and to get yours now!

A Message from My Creator!

Swimming Power Harness for Towers and Chutes
*Orange Harness used for contrast

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Courtesy of SwimSmart, a SwimSwam partner

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2 years ago

I love the concept, but have one concern–the shoulder straps look pretty hefty on the blue harness, do they cut down on shoulder mobility at all? The video with the orange straps makes them look like there’d be no issue (the thing with the weights on the parachute is something I’m going to implement pronto, thanks for that!), but the blue shoulder straps look bulkier.

Also, can it be used with resistance cords, or just power towers/parachutes? I’d imagine you can just remove the belt on the resistance cord and hook the carabiner through the loop, right?