Swimming Australia Amends Constitution; Alters Term of Directors & President

Swimming Australia, in cohort with the Australian Sports Commission that funds a huge portion of the sports budget, has made some alterations to its constitution, effective as of August 30th, 2013.

Specifically, it has extended the terms of Swimming Australia’s Directors from two years to three years, and created some ambiguity in the term of the President of the organization.

Whereas in the past, the President of Swimming Australia was elected to two-year terms, and could serve for no more than four years consecutively. Under the revised constitution, the President serves a term “determined by the Board,” provided that it is not longer than his or her remaining term as Director. Note that in Swimming Australia, the President is selected from among the Directors of the organization.

The positions maximum-consecutive service length has been extended to 6 years.

The rules were also changed so that only two Elected Directors must ‘retire’ each year, as compared as the three previously required, to ensure rotation of the members of the board.

Appointed Directors, meanwhile, may remain in office for up to 3 years following their appointment, as compared to the previous 1 year, with the ability to be reelected.

There are currently 7 Elected Directors (one of whom is president) and up to 2 Appointed Directors.

The changes came on the same day as John Bertrand was named the new President of Swimming Australia.

The current Board of Directors:

Name Title
Mr John Bertrand  President
Mr Gary Barclay Director
Mr Graeme Johnson Director
Mr Jeremy Turner Director
Ms Chloe Flutter Director
Mr Peter Lozan Director
Mr Tom Picton-Warlow Director
Mr Clem Doherty Director
Ms Nicole Livingstone Director

See the amended version of the constitution here.
See the old version of the constitution, from October of 2011, here.

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