SwimmersBest Drill of the Month: Single-Arm 6-Beat Kick Progression

SwimSwam thanks SwimmersBest for sponsoring “Drill of the Month.”  This is a SwimSwam recurring feature that brings drills and idea submissions from various creative and innovative coaches all over the world.

Sometimes, you just have to go back to basics with a nice simple freestyle drill progression. For this month, we went with a one-arm, six-beat kick progression, focusing on driving through the body rotation. To try out the drill, keep one arm at your side, while using the other to take regular strokes. Rotate as if you are using both arms, but just drive with the shoulder of the arm that’s down to rotate.

We’d recommend also trying this out with a snorkel if you’ve got one on hand.

Here’s a look at the progression.

Single arm 6-beat kick, emphasis on rotation with good kick

Both arms, but holding rotation and focusing on kick

Catch up, still thinking about rotation and kick


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Swimming gear news courtesy of SwimmersBest, a SwimSwam partner. 

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