Swim Prank Videos

Swim pranks are an essential part of the swimming culture… Well, maybe not essential, but they’re certainly the parts you remember and laugh about well into old age.

The video below went viral and has been done again and again by swimmers crowded into a communal shower.

The Shampoo Prank:


Speedo Party in a Hotel: The standared crowd of dudes in banana hammocks, walking around in public. Yes, this is a go-to prank for swimmers.

S&$T Swimmers Do at Hotels: More from the guys above…and very much like every swim meet where swimmers takeover hotels.

Swim Team Prank: Sorry. I had to remove this one, re: USAs code. You can’t record video in locker rooms. (Thanks to the commenter, JT, for pointing this out.)

Swimming Pool Prank: PG, but really harmless. “We don’t swim in your toliet, so don’t pee in our pool.”

Pop-Its: Olympic medalist and reality show TV star, Ed Moses, headlines this one.

Toxic Swimming Pool Hidden Camera Pranks:

If you have a swim prank video, send it to swimswam.com. Please share your club, club coaches, and the swimmers in the video as well. We’ll include them all in the post. Go to our contact page here. 

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10 years ago

Here’s a good one pulled on Michael Klueh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGWsoRNmgfM

10 years ago

Although it’s not a flattering representation of the sport, it’s an honest one.

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