Sun Yang Fighting Injured Finger, Remainder of Asian Games in Question

Chinese superstar and World Record holding swimmer Sun Yang has injured his finger, which is putting the rest of his meet in jeopardy according to several Asian media outlets.

At the finish of the fantastic 200 freestyle race, where Japan’s Kosuke Hagino stole gold from the hyped rivalry between Sun and South Korea’s Park Tae-Hwan, SINA Sports reports that Sun jammed two fingers on the finish, and several pictures show it badly swollen.

The good news is that there has been no injury to the bone, according to Chinese sources, though Sun was out until 2AM getting it inspected, with doctors fighting the swelling in order to get a good x-ray.

Thus far, it’s uncertain if Sun will continue or not. He’s scheduled to swim the 400 free, the 1500 free, and on the Chinese 800 free relay for the remainder of the meet.

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9 years ago

Where are all Sun Yang’s fans? Why aren’t they supporting him? I’m in awe of the efficiency of his freestyle stroke, but he hasn’t won me as a fan yet. I know I’m going to get voted off the island for writing this, but maybe Yang and his coaches just felt they weren’t going to be able to beat the Japanese men in the 4×200 relay anyway (the US Team barely did at Pan Pac’s), so they decided to focus on getting the swelling down in his hand so he would have a better chance of winning the 400 and 1500 free later in the meet!

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Danjohnrob
9 years ago

Notably, not a word from Chinesesupreme in the past couple of days.

Reply to  Swim
9 years ago

If Hackett’s lung was as bad as it was portrayed in the article, his coach should be ashamed of himself for knowing and keeping silent.

9 years ago

Given the tension between Sun and his federation since London, I wonder if there’s some politics going on behind the scenes that’s a big part of the scratch tonight. There have been other Chinese athletes who were able to push back and gain more autonomy in their athletic careers (Li Na comes to mind) and something like this could get used in that chess match.

9 years ago

Tyler clary jammed his finger in London. HE didn’t let it stop him from winning olympic gold and upsetting lochte and Irie.

Philip Johnson
9 years ago

As shameful as the Chinese Federation-backed Park taunting videos were, I hope Sun gets better.

9 years ago

It’s funny that we race so hard, only to crash into a wall.

Reply to  jiggs
9 years ago

that’s one of the paradoxe in swiming i guess .

9 years ago

Wow. my comment got deleted. I didn’t mean to insult him, ditto with Darth Vader. I wish he won’t flee and go give Park and Hagino some real challenge.

9 years ago

Sun yang has withdrawn 800m Free relay

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