Another Olympic Record that has stood since Sydney was downed in finals tonight at the London Aquatic Center. Sun Yang (CHN) took down superstar Ian Thorpe‘s (AUS) record in the 400m Freestyle to win China’s first medal in the pool and the country’s third gold of these Games. Sun Yang posted a 3:40.14, just off Paul Biedermann‘s (GER) World Record at 3:40.07 and besting Thorpe’s Olympic mark at 3:40.59. When set in Sydney in 2000, Thorpe’s time set a new World Record and won him the gold medal. Tae Hwan Park (KOR) took the race out fast, well under world record pace, but Sun Yang’s endurance was enough to run Park down in the final 100 meters for the gold. Park took silver, almost 2 seconds back in 3:42.06 and Peter Vanderkaay (USA) finished in 3:44.46 which was enough for bronze.

Splits Compared:

Men’s 400m Freestyle50m100m (50m)150m (50m)200m (50m)250m (50m)300m (50m)350m (50m)400m (50m)
Ian Thorpe (Sydney 2000) OR (WR)52.641:48.862:45.093:40.59
Paul Biedermann (Rome 2009) AR26.2954.42 (28.13)1:22.43 (28.59)1:51.02 (28.59)2:18.78 (27.76)2:47.17 (28.39)3:14.30 (27.13)3:40.07 (25.77)
Sun Yang (London 2012) OR25.8353.59 (27.76)1:21.93 (28.34)1:50.52 (28.59)2:18.50 (27.98)2:46.64 (28.14)3:13.74 (27.10)3:40.14 (26.40)


Thorpe’s swim at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney:

Biedermann’s swim at the 2009 World Championships in Rome

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  1. bond says:

    i am not sure if it’s possible, but you might consider making a forum on the live results articles, judging by the comment sections.

  2. drdov says:

    Should be Yang glides to the wall to throw away WR

  3. DDias says:

    Sun Yang made a loose finish gliding a bit at the end.He can definitely, beat WR in a next meeting.

  4. LNeidigh says:

    Okay. Sun Yang. I Love you.

    that was the best post-race celebration haha

  5. aswimfan says:

    It is unfortunate that Yang glided. He could have been under 3:40
    So close again.
    By the way, Thorpe’s textile WR 3:40.07 still stand.

  6. Confused Onlooker says:

    I believe the WR and the AR are switched? unless the AR is not in fact the WR

  7. john26 says:

    Sun usually takes a fast stroke by the end. Darnit, he was still under the WR pace. I really slammed by hand on the table a few times after that race.

    The fact of the matter is that if SUn had Park’s turns, he would probably be swimming a 3:38.

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