Suit Fit DQ Overturned; District Seeks to Decertify Official Who Made Call

The Alaska School Activities Association has overturned the now-infamous disqualification call from last Friday over the fit of 17-year-old female student’s school-issued swimsuit, Anchorage Schoool District announced Tuesday.

The district was reviewing the call in light of allegations of sexism and racism.

“Following our review of the September 6 disqualification of a Dimond High School swimmer, to include interviews of multiple witnesses, the Anchorage School District has concluded that our swimmer was targeted based solely on how a standard, school-issued uniform happened to fit the shape of her body.  We cannot tolerate discrimination of any kind, and certainly not based on body shape.  This disqualification was heavy-handed and unnecessary,” the district wrote.

The district says with will reverse the DQ and return the voided points to the Dimond High School team. Additionally, the district seeks to revoke the certification of the official who made the call, Jill Blackstone, according to NBC affiliate KTUU. The ASAA executive director said the district “believes Blackstone has targeted Willis and her sister, a fellow teammate, in a pattern of unfair enforcement over the past year.”

Additionally, the district wants to suspend and later revise the National Federation of State High School Associations’ suit coverage rule. The district says the rule “is ambiguous and allows the potential for bias to influence officials’ decisions.”

The NFHS, the governing body for high school athletics, has standards for swimwear, recently updated for the 2019-2020 season. It states that “females shall wear suits which cover the buttocks and breasts. In August, the organization released a memo about suit coverage and circulated an illustrated example of appropriate attire.

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Real bold move there. At least they did the right thing

Lynne Miller

The only question here is how come it took this long – given the Alaska School Activities Association recognizes this cerfified official had been engaging repeatedly in discriminatory targetting of this swimmer and her sibling. Indeed a review of all that has been going on – should commence. There should be – from here on out – zero tolerance of discrimination based conduct by swim officials – racist, sexist or both. Body type is body type. Celebrate it. We all need to stand in support of Breckynn Willis. She and her sister, who is also a competitive swimmer. I commend both of them for working hard every day on their swim goals while repeatedly being subjected to discrimination.


Maybe they shouldn’t make the team suits cut to make almost every girl look bare just a thought.


too many pervs out there that disagree with you


I think the pervs are the ones who are incapable of viewing athletes at an athletic event in a non-sexual way.


Not athletes…Children


That’s your takeaway from this? Yeesh


why else would anyone be negative for Hmmm’s comment? You apparently disagree that maybe suits could be a bit more modest. Sheesh.


More modesty is fine and all but that isn’t really the takeaway. The takeaway is to stop sexualizing teenage girls wearing standard swim suits.


How is being uncomfortable with nakedness sexualizing things? It would be just as uncomfortable if guys did it.


Swimming isn’t a good sport for those who are uncomfortable with nakedness.


The takeaway is that swimsuit companies and instagram are sexualizing teenage girls

The Kraken

Often it’s not the suit, its the sizing of the suit that leads to this


so even in a speedo as a man, doing flip turns etc sometimes the speedo rides up my butt a little. now if you add in the tension from the suit being pulled upwards because of the shoulder straps for her and boobs etc. yeah i can see how the act of swimming could take a normal suit and pull it up. if its school issued then its district approved.

Tony R

Could not have imagined a better response to this situation. Kudos to ASAA and ASD!

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