Sprint News 12/18/12: Denmark Posts Job; Brazilians Mismeasure; Irie Announces Move

…The Brazilians have again hit a snag with the reopening of the Fluminense pool in Rio which has been postponed until January. One of the country’s major 50 meter pools has been undergoing a refurbishment, and that has been delayed because after completing all of the painting and tile work, it measured up about 8″ short of the FINA requirement for official competition (remember that the pool length has to account for both any tiles and gutters on the end, as well as the width of the touch pads). This is a pool that has hosted many major regional competitions and is one of the hubs of Brazilian swimming at the grass roots. It will become even more vital when work is begun on the Maria Lenk pool in anticipation of the Olympics as well as the flattening of the Jose Finkel pool (a decision that has ripped Brazilian swimming). Fluminense is home to many major Brazilian swimmers, including Kaio Almeida, Vinicius Waked, Henrique Rodrigues, and Alessandra Marchioro

…The Danish Swimming Federation has officially, and finally, posted a job listing for the opening as the head of their National Training Center, a position vacated when Paulus Wildeboer moved on to Australia. Danish swimming site Simma.Nu has given its input of their preference that the national team head coach (another vacant position) be Danish. They’ve only given applicants until January 1st to apply (the job was first posted two weeks ago), which will leave a tight window given the holiday season. The full job description can be seen here (in Danish)…

…Japan’s Ryosuke Irie confirmed publicly yesterday via his Twitter account that he would make his training home in Australia at St. Peter’s Western under the direction of Michael Bohl. The 22-year old backstroker was the only man in London to medal in both the 100 and 200 backstroke, and will head down under on January 10th to begin training with a group that includes some of Australia’s best backstrokers like Meagen Nay….

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