Spain Announces European Junior C’ships Roster

The Spanish swimming federation, RFEN, has released its roster for this year’s European Junior Championships set for Helsinki July 4th-8th.  The RFEN is calling the line-up ‘initial’ at this point, but will render the roster finalized once all team preparation/camps are competed. Those preparation camps take place throughout May and June.

Selected from the Junior and Senior Spanish Open Championships, swimmers needed to meet or exceed the RFEN-dictated qualifying time in their respective events, per below. You can review the entire selection criteria here.

At last year’s edition of the European Junior Championships, Beatriz Agueda claimed the nation’s only medals, earning silver in the 400m, 800m, and 1500m freestyle. Here are the female and male team members of the Spanish European Junior Championships squad:


Ainhoa ​​Campabadal (CN Caldes / 03), Paloma Canos (CST Castalia / 02), Claudia Espinosa (CD Gredos San Diego / 03), Andrea Galisteo (Real Canoe NC / 01), Cristina García (CN Lleida / 01), Paula Juste (CN Lleida / 03), Sara Lahrach (CD Gredos San Diego / 01), Esther Morillo (CE Mediterrani / 01), Andrea F. Prades (CE Mediterrani / 01), Julia Pujadas (CN Granollers / 01) and Alba Vázquez ( CN Huelva / 02).


Izan Cubillas (CN Mataró / 00), Sergio de Celis (CN Palma de Mallorca / 00), Nicolás García (CD Gredos San Diego / 02), Marcos Gil (CN Granollers / 00), Ferrán Julià (CN Cervera / 00), Manuel Martos (CD H2O El Ejido), Ferrán Siré (CN Tarraco / 01) and Javier Zorzano (Navial / 01).

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