Signing Day 2021: 650 Verbal Commitments from the Class of 2022

Wednesday, November 10 is the first day of the 2021-22 signing period for students enrolling in the 2022-23 school year.

We have written over 650 articles about prospective student-athletes from the class of 2022 who have made verbal commitments to swim or to dive for a college program. (Note: We have another 100 or so on our waiting list, and we’re getting to them as fast as we can.) Many of those verbal commitments become contractual agreements today, as the second Wednesday in November marks the official opening of signing season for the current seniors in high school.

The NCAA regulates when prospective student-athletes can sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI), which is the binding agreement between an athlete and an NLI member institution in Division I or Division II. In past years, there was a week-long “Early” Signing Period that began the second Wednesday in November, followed by a “Regular” Signing Period which stretched, for most sports, from February to August. In 2018, the NCAA instituted changes to the recruiting timetable and the two signing periods have now been joined. You can see all the signing periods for the student-athletes enrolling in the 2022-23 school year on the NLI website here.

While we are still adding scores of names to this database, here are the Class of 2022 swimming and diving commitments we have noted thus far:

Rank Top 20 Boys from 2022 Verbal Commitment Top 20 Girls from 2022 Verbal Commitment
1 Baylor Nelson Texas A&M Claire Curzan Stanford
2 Josh Zuchowski Stanford Charlotte Hook Stanford
3 Liam Custer Stanford Justina Kozan USC
4 Landon Gentry Virginia Tech Blair Stoneburg Wisconsin
5 Michael Cotter NC State Claire Tuggle Virginia
6 Sebastien Sergile Virginia Kennedy Noble NC State
7 Dawson Joyce Florida Lucy Bell Stanford
8 Lance Norris NC State Lydia Jacoby Texas
9 Sam Powe Georgia Zoe Dixon Florida
10 Will Hayon Virginia Tech Rye Ulett Louisville
11 Zhier Fan Stanford Lucy Malys Ohio State
12 Ryan Branon Texas Carly Novelline Virginia
13 Alec Filipovic Texas Emma Weber Virginia
14 Quintin McCarty NC State Hayden Miller Florida
15 Andres Dupont Cabrera Stanford Kayla Wilson Stanford
16 Charlie Crosby Texas Emma Karam North Carolina
17 Nick Simons Tennessee Sophie Duncan Stanford
18 Levi Sandidge Kentucky Kristina Paegle Indiana
19 Braeden Haughey Virginia Katherine Helms NC State
20 Ryan Malicki Notre Dame Ella Welch Louisville

Below you will find all the articles we have published to date about verbal commitments from the high school class of 2022. As always, you can sort by club team, college, conference, home state, school, LSC, etc. (We’re adding articles every day, so keep refreshing this page to get the latest articles!)

(NOTE: If you have a commitment to report, please send an email with a photo (landscape, or horizontal, looks best) and a quote to [email protected]. Do not leave it in the comments below.)

You can read all the articles here.

High School Class of 2022 Verbal Commitments


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(G)olden Bear
2 months ago

Cal with no top-20 in either boys or girls!?

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
2 months ago

I’m sure they tried to recruit swimmers from the top 20, but I’m almost wondering if they decided to use their available scholarship money to incentivize their current seniors to stay on for a fifth year. Both genders have strong swimmers in their seniors classes that are hard to replace. Whitley, Gonzalez, Ivey, Rajic etc.

Reply to  swim6847
2 months ago


Reply to  (G)olden Bear
2 months ago

I just read the press release posted this morning on the Cal athletic site. Only 2 swimmers named in this recruiting class for the women’s team. Are there others that weren’t mentioned? Are more expected to join/sign later? I’m concerned and wondering what happened.

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
2 months ago

Rent to high in Berkeley

Reply to  (G)olden Bear
2 months ago

I’d think Matthew Chai could make a case to be at least HM (top 500 time in the class and massive time drops in both the 500/1000). Any improvement from now-ranked HM IMer Zach Tan or BOTR breaststroker Hank Rivers could bring them back into the top 20 (both were top 20 when they announced their commitments).

Swimming Dad
Reply to  (G)olden Bear
2 months ago

Matthew Chai will definitely be on top 20 list when SwimSwam do the re-evaluate later.
He is a late bloomer…:)

Last edited 2 months ago by Swimming Dad
2 months ago

Are diving commits listed here also?

sticky rice
2 months ago

I know young athletes can make huge improvements in a short period of time but I still think its funny that Lydia Jacoby placed higher at the Olympics than on this list.

Reply to  sticky rice
2 months ago

You can’t really compare her rank in a single event in the Olympics with her overall rank in terms of potential value-add to a college team. As far as I can tell, she’s the #1 pure breaststroker on this list, and I’m not sure she would rank any higher than 8th in an overall list of 2021 women Olympic swimmers.

Old Retired Guy
2 months ago

Wonderful collating, charting, and sheer volume of spot-on data. Getting with the program takes on a new meaning, when one looks at the professionalism that went into making this listing of verbal commitments. Quality and value-added layers of effort are obvious, throughout this article, and almost all of the other SwimSwam articles that generate on a daily basis. So, what number is this article? I’m guessing 100,008. Close? Well, swim on, then. It’s a new day… Best…

2 months ago

War Eagle Always!

Today the family grew! Watch out for the Tigers! Wocho madness is causing an upward trajectory to the top!

Reply to  WEA
2 months ago

“top”: transfer-o’portal

2 months ago

So the story, until foreign recruits are factored in, is ACC and Stanford. ACC going 8 of 20 on both men and women for 16/40 of the total top 40. SEC (including future member Texas, 11/40). Stanford with 9 total of the top 40.
ACC  8/20 8/20
SEC  8/20 3/20
BIG   0/20 3/20
PAC  4/20 6/20

Stanford 9/40
UVA    5/40
NCState 5/40
Texas   4/40
Florida  3/40
VaTech  2/40
Louisville 2/40
UNC    1/40
Notre Dame 1/40
TexasAM   1/40
Kentucky   1/40
SoCal      1/40
Georgia    1/40
Wisconsin  1/40
Indiana     1/40
Tennesse   1/40
Ohio State  1/40

show me your data
Reply to  Wahooswimfan
2 months ago

Spot on. Its really a build up of the trackrecord and projected department “brands” market success, for the singular institutions.

glad you included Texas status shift, No comment from you about Cal or Fla.

2 months ago

To the SwimSwam editorial staff, I’m curious what your vetting process is for publishing verbal commitments. I’m aware of a commitment that was submitted to you a week or so ago, and is not yet included on this list, or anywhere else on SwimSwam, despite the submitter receiving an acknowledgement from your staff within a few hours of the submission.

I totally understand if it’s necessary for you to get a confirmation from a college coach, or verify best times, or whatever other verification you need. I’m just curious what the process is, and what the typical turnaround time is. I do realize that Fall is a very busy time for commitments, for both HS juniors and seniors.

Reply to  Ferb
2 months ago

You couldn’t have emailed them directly to inquire?

Reply to  John
2 months ago

I’m not particularly concerned about the specific commitment to which I referred. I am just interested in how SwimSwam goes about vetting the announcements, and I thought other readers might be as well. If you ignore the one sentence in my post that refers to a specific commitment, and just read the rest, I think the question is reasonable, but perhaps my wording was poor.

Sure I could have emailed them, but they are usually pretty responsive to comments in articles, and answering that question here might save them having to respond to emails from 50 people asking the same question.

Reply to  Ferb
2 months ago

My man, those are a lot of words for “I’m not particularly concerned”

Reply to  John
2 months ago

Opinion noted.

Reply to  Ferb
2 months ago

Lol not one single person believes that this wasn’t a “waahhhh my kid is the most important why aren’t they done yet?” comment.

Reply to  Ferb
2 months ago

Think it took about two months for my swimmer to show up, so chill. Often a big name will show up in a day or two but I’m sure they have a que for the rest and they work through it.

Reply to  Swimpop
2 months ago

My swimmer’s was pretty quick but that was because it was during a slow period. The articles says they are working through a backlog.

Reply to  Ferb
2 months ago

I am giving you an up vote. You need the support and your question is both fair and of broader interest. I am guessing you aren’t getting an answer because SS determines newsworthiness in determing the speed they publish. For example, Claire Curzan’s decision was immediately published. OTOH, there is a publicly declared Top 100 commit that still has not had an article nearly 3 weeks after she committed.

2 months ago

Stanford Women have the 8 swimmers for 2022. Plus not yet on your list is Emilie Moore, Diver, Boca Raton FL. She was part of the signing day announcements.

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