Serbia is Mad About Water Polo (Video)

Serbia, that country in Southeastern Europe between Macedonia and Hungary that is roughly the size of South Carolina, is absolutely mad about water polo. And with good reason: the men’s national team is Number One in the world – not bad for a country with a population of 7 million. At the 16th FINA World Championships in Russia last summer, Serbia won the gold medal for the fifth time; they beat USA in the quarter finals, Italy in the semis, and Croatia in the finals. They have won World League 9 times since 2005, including in each of the last three years.

This video, named the official fan video by the Serbian Water Polo Association, was produced by Champions of the Heart to encourage the men’s team for the upcoming 2016 European Championships to be held from January 10-23 in Belgrade. Everyone in the video seems to be on the Serbian water polo team: famous basketball players, rowers, musicians, surgeons, kids in an orphanage, actors, paralympians, and even Milorad Cavic, swimming butterfly at Tustin High School. Interspersed between it all are highlights of Serbia beating Croatia in the final at Kazan and Serbia beating Hungary in the final of 2014 European Championships.

It make you want to don a water polo cap and join in the celebration.

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6 years ago

We’re not only crazy about this sport, but all of them. We like to support our people in whatever they do.
A big greeting from Serbia!
And now idemo do zvezda, idemo do trona, idemo do zlata, napred Srbijo! (We’re reaching for the stars, we’re going for the throne, we’re playing for the gold, go Serbia!)

6 years ago

We are great in water polo, tennis (Novak Djokovic No 1), basketball, voleyball, athletic, swimming, … Just name it xD greetings from Serbia. IDEMO DO ZVEZDA!!!

6 years ago

Best sport country for sure.

6 years ago

Serbia is so good in almost all sports! Even basketball! It is amazing how out of 7 million people you get so many good athletes! And they are handsome!

6 years ago

Ah ha ha. That is GREAT! It makes me happy as a former polo player to see a country absolutely insane about their great team and this great sport. I wish anyone in the USA cared about water polo – I still get looks from people 30 years later – when I tell them I played in high school and college. Looks like…uh…what? Water polo rocks (and Serbia rocks at it).

6 years ago

Great way to start 2016. Goosebumps. Thank you, Anne.

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