Schooling Penciled In For 200 Fly At This Week’s Singapore Nationals


The 50th Singapore National Age Group Swimming Championship (SNAGs) are set to kick-off tomorrow, March 19th for the senior swimmers. Organizers are expecting around 1800 participants stemming from the host country, but also from Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

For Singaporean swimmers, this prestigious domestic event carries big-time significance, as it represents one of the primary opportunities to qualify for a umber of critical upcoming international competitions. They include the 2019 World Championships, the 2019 World Junior Championships, as well as this year’s South East Asian Games.

Singapore’s Olympic champion Joseph Schooling will be the main attraction, as the 23-year-old flymeister is entered in 5 individual events. Schooling is scheduled to swim the expected 100m free, 50m free and 100m fly, but the former Longhorn is also listed as an entrant in the 200m IM and….the 200m fly?

Once a bread-and-butter event for the NCAA champion, the 200m fly was reportedly sworn off by Schooling, with the swimmer stating last year, “I’ve raced the 200m fly for a very long time and I think I might be done with that race.”

The men’s 200m fly falls on the final day of the SNAGs and immediately follows the men’s 50m free sprint. As such, Schooling’s entry may be a false alarm where he winds up not swimming in the long fly race, but it is worth keeping an eye on. I’ve reached out to Schooling for comment and will update this piece accordingly.

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that guy

who ever came up with the word “flymeister” is fired

Ol' Longhorn

If he actually swims the 200 fly, it will be “diemeister.”


Will Schooling join some of ISL clubs or he is too young for that?

So far, all of the conversation we’ve heard is that Asians aren’t participating. Some combination of ‘being focused on the close-to-home Olympics’ and “the travel being too much’ given that none of the teams are based in their part of the world. If I’m Schooling, and I still have confidence in myself to be the best in the world, I’m staying 100% focused on the Olympics. Even if ISL takes off in the way that its ownership believes it will, the league is still years away from being able to compensate athletes anywhere near the level of money (sponsorship & prize money) that Schooling has made from his gold medal. This is true for most of the Asian nations. The… Read more »


It could be also some other factor that explains the standby position of Asian and very possibly American swimming related businesses. If this crusade for FINA’s gold happens to be profitable then there would be other big money that wouldn’t mind to take the piece of the pie and not to be subordinate to someone with the Russian name Grigorishin. There will be Global Swimming League, Professional Swimming Union, Eastern or Southern Pro Swim Associations etc. And then there will be the golden age in swimming because there will be a competitive well developed market and swimmers will get paid what they deserve based on public interest and performance.

Michael Schwartz

Anybody wanna take bets on whether or not Schooling will scratch the 200 Fly?

Ol' Longhorn

That’s a 100% certainty.

E Gamble

I’m 100% sure he’s training the 200 fly for his 100 fly. I’m team Dressel. I look forward to seeing Joseph at Dressel’s feet once again. Just like NCs and Worlds.


I want Dressel to win too but your wording makes you seem kinda vile

E Gamble

Vile?? I have nothing against trash talking Joseph Schooling. He got exactly what he deserved. Two spankings by Dressel in the pool. at NCs and one at Worlds.


Not going to happen anymore.

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