Ryan Lochte Denied Grill on Podium

The saga of Ryan Lochte and his infamous grills continue. Locthe had a special jewel encrusted red, white and blue grill resembling the star-spangled banner made for the Olympics which he wanted to wear while receiving his medals. Fourth-Place Medal reports that an IOC official told Reezy he wouldn’t be permitted to wear his bling while receiving his gold medal in the 400 IM.

Lochte first sported a grill at the 2007 World Championships in Australia. Since then, he has debuted several different grill versions over the years. He has been known for his outside-of-the-box fashion choices on the pool deck, including custom green shoes made by Speedo.

This begs the question: should the USOC distribute standard-issue bling to allow Floridians like Lochte to represent? Are the American uniforms swaggerish enough? Does China even make grills to supply the Americans with? More to come as the bling saga continues.

Should Reezy be allowed to wear his grill on the podium?

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8 years ago

Lol! I love Ryan but I hate the grills so I’m glad. He cracks me up, tho!!

Reply to  liquidassets
8 years ago


Reply to  aswimfan
8 years ago


8 years ago

The grill saga… Haha. Lochte, your grill is going to ruin the sport! It could take years for FINA to decide how to handle this!

8 years ago

I don’t see the big deal. It’s merely an accessory and since it doesn’t have anything written on it like “SUCK IT PHELPS,” I fail to see the problem.

Now if he was wearing something or carrying a sign a la Cavic’s “KOSOVO IS SERBIA” shirt…

Reply to  Lithi
8 years ago

He’s earned the right to brag ‘n’ swag, and promote his “brand”, just not on the podium,where he’s representing his country and not just himself.