Ryan Lochte Adds New Sponsorship With Cough Drop Company

While a highly-publicized incident at a Rio de Janeiro bathroom cost Ryan Lochte most of his established sponsors, the American swimmer added one new sponsor this week: cough drop company Pine Brothers.

ESPN reports that Pine Brothers announced the deal on Thursday, acknowledging Lochte’s recent miscues and even working them into their plans for ads and commercials featuring Lochte. It will market its cough drops as “forgiving on your throat” while hoping fans will forgive Lochte for his part in the debacle between 4 American swimmers and security guards at a bathroom in Rio de Janeiro.

From the ESPN story:

“We all make mistakes, but they’re rarely given front-page scrutiny,” said Rider McDowell, CEO of the privately held company. “He’s a great guy who has done incredible work with charities. I’m confident that Pine Bros. fans will support our decision to give Ryan a second chance.”

Lochte lost Speedo, Airweave and Gentle Hair Removal as sponsors after the Rio incident, but has maintained his desire to continue competing through Tokyo in 2020. There’s no word on whether he’ll serve a suspension or not, but Lochte will remain in the public eye, as he’s rumored to be part of the cast for the next season of Dancing With The Stars, according to the ESPN story.

In the past, Pine Brothers have been represented by rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who had his own checkered past legally.

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5 years ago

Good for Lochte. He made a mistake but it should not be the end of his career. Others have done far worse and still remained marketable.

5 years ago

I will no longer buy this product

5 years ago

Anyone else think that Twix should add him to their sponsor list? I can imagine it now…

“Ryan, please tell us what happened that fateful night.”

Ryan starts chewing on some Twix….

“Nom nom nom nom…”

Need a moment? Think it over with some Twix.

Reply to  Andrew
5 years ago


*footage of Lochte giving his “whatever” interview*

Friend: Ryan, eat a Snickers.

Lochte: Why?

You tell bad stories when you’re hungry.

*Lochte eats Snickers, footage switches to Lochte’s “I over-exaggerated” interview with Matt Lauer*

Friend: Close enough…

5 years ago


5 years ago

Glad to see him pick up a new sponsor. I’m not on his side re: LochteGate, but I do like him otherwise. He was clearly not the victim he made himself out to be in the whole Rio situation, but I don’t think he should be a pariah or lose his entire career over a lie. I want him to be able to continue training because I do not want his legacy to be missing the medals in the 200 IM and then getting a whole ton of negative press for lying.

Just settle things with Brazil, admit that you lied, and get on with the fast swimming.

Reply to  Sven
5 years ago

When everybody will understand that he did not lie. He was clearly robbed and it is not unusual to use the bushes there because there is no public restrooms. He just pulled a cheap advertisement from the wall and it may have been due to the frustration of not been allowed to used the filthy restroom without paying for something first. Nobody here understand how those crooks work in many countries like Brazil

5 years ago

Maybe Ryan can be the new spokesman for hemorrhoid cream since he has been a pain in the ass for US Olympic Team.

Jon Krueger
5 years ago

I still think it was a shakedown. If you believe those security guards intended to give the proceeds of the shakedown to the gas-station owner, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Reply to  Jon Krueger
5 years ago

I will trade you some Ocean Front Property in Kansas for that Bridge 🙂

Reply to  BoSwims
5 years ago


Reply to  Jon Krueger
5 years ago

they were gonna pocket all $50? those scoundrels.

5 years ago

I will no longer be buying this product.

Reply to  Pat
5 years ago

Have you ever purchased it before?

Reply to  Pat
5 years ago

I feel sorry for your throat then… its a pretty unforgiving environment out there

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