Rio 2016 Releases Last Big Batch of Event Tickets Ahead of Games

Yesterday Rio 2016 released 100,000 tickets to various Olympic events. This release marks the last time Rio 2016 will make a large batch of new tickets available before the Games begin in just under three weeks.

The tickets went on sale yesterday, which was dubbed “Super Thursday” by Rio 2016. Out of the tickets that went on sale, some were for previously unavailable and sold out events. Certain swimming and tennis sessions which were previously not on sale were made available for fans yesterday.

A couple highlight event tickets that are now available for purchase include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and medal events in basketball, volleyball, and football.

Fans who will be attending the Rio Olympics can use the Rio 2016 tickets portal and official ticket offices in Brazil for tickets to Olympic events.

Some of the seats that are being made available for purchase were previously occupied by video equipment. With venue preparations and broadcasting plans finalized, the event organizers decided that some of the seating that was set up for broadcasting equipment could be used as spectator seating.

Tickets to popular sessions have been selling out quickly due to the popularity of the sport and importance of the match. Rio 2016 Ticketing Director Donovan Ferreti advised that the best way to secure seats at your favorite sporting event is to reserve the tickets now on the ticket portal.

Up to this point, 6.1 million tickets have been made available for purchase, 4.4 million of which have been sold. Ticket sales have increased by R$978 million (US$300 million), representing 93% of the Organizing Committee’s target.

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