Race Video: Michael Andrew 200 Back NAG Record, 1:45.14

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Reported by Braden Keith:

Michael Andrew has an uncanny knack for breaking National Age Group Records in threes. He did it at Winter Juniors, and he did it at the College Station Sectional last weekend. Along that vein, the young 14-year old had broken his third National-Age Group Record of the 2014 Jenks Sectional meet.

He swam a 1:45.14 in the 200 yard backstroke on Sunday evening which broke the 2013 record set by PEAK’s Benjamin Ho at 1:45.73 almost exactly a year ago.

The comparative splits:

Ho ’13 – 24.69/26.53/27.12/27.39 = 1:45.73
Andrew ’14 – 24.85/26.62/26.68/26.99 = 1:45.14

Andrew’s closing speed was impeccable in this race, and his splitting – in true USRPT fashion – was spot on, with a pair of 26.6 splits after his opening 50, followed by a 26.9.

Earlier in the meet, Andrew also broke National Age Group Records in the 50 free and in the 100 breast.

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How could the impact of circle swimming races be overrated? If circle swimming adds 2 yards of distance in 100 yards, that is a 2% degradation. That is a crude guess…even if it is 1.5 feet that is a 0.5% degradation. I am pretty shocked coaches are non-plussed on the point.

The French guy swims straight for two laps and Lezak’s GOAT leg is a bit too little and there is no Ocho for Phelps. But he didn’t. That’s the point. It matters…every 0.01 second and inch matters.

Greg Tucker

Can one of the proponents of strength training please post studies that show a correlation to swimming speed or injury prevention. Not trying to be a smarta$$. I just don’t know the data.

We use USRPT on our HS team. We only use power rack as a form of strength training. Rushall argues even that is non-specific. But a correlation to speed has been shown.

Ok, back to my question for the group.

I don’t want to be a smarta$$ either. I think it’s genetic.

I’m on the road right now, so don’t have research time. I’ll try to check back later, and drop a few if I have time, but in the meantime, I’d like to caution that studies(in most all fields) can be lined up on both sides of an/the issue. We don’t have very high standards for publishing – which is a good thing, in my opinion. We are asked to weed out the worst ideas pre-publishing, and just the plain old bad ones, from the good ones, once they are set out in stone, in all their detail, in front of us. If that makes sense?

You will perhaps not believe me but Michael Andrew is scheduled to swim again this week, in long course, at the southern zone sectionals in Plantation, Florida.
He is the Hosszu of men’s swimming! 🙂
That’s probably his last big meet in long course before he turns 15.
Another weekend of NAG records for him?
Psych sheets here.

Will he keep up that schedule after growing up? And With the same sucess level of Hosszu?

Of all male swimmers in the world, Michael Andrew is most likely to grow up to be like Katinka, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’m more interestred to see if he does the 400 Free. We’ve seen him go after the longer events lately and with the eye on 400 IM in Rio, as his father and him both said, it may be an event he does more of.

All freestyle events on Rio will be nearly impossible for him to qualify.. I don´t see he Qualifying on 50 100 and 200.. 400 he may have a chance.. but with Sun and Park 2 medas are already taken.. if Agnel goes for it.. it is almost a lock.. And there is Bieldermann Horton Hagino who can push that.. even a 3:44 might not even be close enough to medal at Rio..

So Michael Andrew is swimming the 400 IM. He should be able to chop off more than 10 seconds off his current PB of 4:40. The gold standard for a 14 yo is Phelps’ and Thorpe’s 4:24


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