Q & A: Michael Andrew Answers Fan Questions on YouTube

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February 14th, 2018 News, Video

Michael Andrew took some time to answer fan questions on YouTube, and he shared a lot of information about his life, his interests, and his training regimen.

Andrew talked about weight training, and how his USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training) agenda does not include lifting. He says that they’ve incorporated gym workouts into his routine, but his focus is in the pool, and specificity in the pool helps his specialty, the sprints, the most. Andrew also said he may make a video in the future dedicated to talking about weight and gym training, so there could be more information about that part of his training coming up.

He also speaks about having spent time training on his own, but how periodically having friends or other swimmers to train with from time to time. “I love it… I really love having a training partner to push me and know that… I’m hurting, he’s hurting, we’re going through this together. It just makes the process a little easier, and more enjoyable.” Andrew said that he still loves training solo, though, too.

Andrew addresses his decision to go pro at age 14, which sparked some controversy, but commented on how he did not regret that decision and is still okay with the sacrifices he’s made in order to be a pro athlete.

Watch the whole video, with all of Andrew’s answers, below:

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