Practice + Pancakes: Mizzou Women Hit Tuesday Pace, Men Bellyflop into Power

I mixed business and pleasure on this trip and I’d say it worked out just fine. I was in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri for 2 weddings and stopped by Mizzou for a Tuesday PM practice. The women got in first while the men lifted, then the men got in while the women hit the gym.

The women started with some set with fins that included kick, underwater, and swimming while doing 100 @ 1:00. After everyone was warmed up, their main set was 3x (2×75, 3×50 pace, 2×25 underwater) + (2×75, 5×50 -1 pace, 2×25 race breakout) + (50 FAST, 100 EZ).

The men’s practice started with a Flop Tuesday (typically Flop Friday) followed by 2 power stations, one using partnered resisted/assisted chords, and the other using chords attached to the blocks followed by 33’s off the blocks.

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