Practice + Pancakes: Harvard Men Sprint Relays, 100/50s on Threshold Wednesday

If you haven’t seen Dean Farris go 28.7 in a 75 free with fins yet, you should probably go watch it right now. This set off a slue of other athletes to do the same, including LSU’s Brooks Curry and Jack Jannasch and Drury’s Karol Ostrowski.

Here is the full practice from that day, which was a Wednesday in November, meaning threshold for the Harvard men. After a quick warmup, they split off into groups of 3 and did some fun relays where everyone swam a different leg (this is where the 75 with fins came in). Then they moved into 2 x 6-minute sets, which meant 100s @ 2:00 for some, 6×50 @ 1:00 for others, and 3×50 @ 2:00 for the speed guys.

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Steve Nolan
10 days ago


For it has posted. And it is good.

10 days ago

Is that a digital record board on their pool deck? That’d be wild.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  m1tchplease
10 days ago

It was cheaper that way, the expense of updating it after every one of Dean’s swims was nearly going to bankrupt the school.

Reply to  Steve Nolan
10 days ago

lol fair enough! It looks really cool!

10 days ago

So Dean didn’t know his 75 was for time… Is he gonna redo his 75 and go 26.high?

Big Mac #1
10 days ago

Honestly, a bit of an underwhelming practice and pancakes. Too long

10 days ago

Amazing content!! Very insightful to see how they train. Do they happen to have a women’s team?

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