Philadelphia Aquatic Center Badly Damaged In Fire

An aquatic center in Philadelphia was damaged in a major fire earlier this month that left at least one person hospitalized. reports that the facility caught fire on Monday, March 6, with firefighters alerted at 11:15 AM local time. The fire took place at the Aquatic Fitness Center and Aquahab Physical Thereapy building. The report says one person was taken to a local hospital.

The facility was severely damaged, according to reports, and was closed until futher notice. also collected a number of tweets and social media posts catching pictures and video of the fire. We’ve included a few below.

NBC Philadelphia reports that two people were suffering from smoke inhalation and that the fire was classified at four alarms. Swimmers were forced to run outside in their suits as the fire rapidly took hold of the structure. NBC’s report indicates that upwards of 40 people were in the facility during the time of the fire, including some working out in the basement. The exercise facility included an indoor, 50-meter pool.

150 firefighters fought back the blaze, according to the NBC story.

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Pete Manieri

Very historic pool.
55 yard.
Philadelphia Aquatic Club.
Along with Wilmington Aquatic Club and Northern Virginia Aquatic Club…
The real origens of catching up to the burgeoning Cali. scene.
Alot of local feeds on FB here .
Alot of swimming family reuniting on social media over this fire.
Luckily noone killed.
Very much a part of the history of Swimming and the precursor to Michael Phelps country.
I believe it will be rebuilt.
Good luck to all entered in NCAA Mens Championships.
Long live the YARD


Very active in meets in 60’s and 70’s. Coaches who had been there Jack Simon, Don Sonis, Paul Bergen, a Mike Burton and Gbruce Wigo who also swam there.


People who coached there at. Some time. Jaack Simon, Don Sonia a long time. Paul Bergen, Mike Burton and Bruce Wigo. Interesting list. Very active place in the 60’s and seventies.


Very active in the 60’s and 70’s. Coaches there at sometime Jack Simon , Don Sonia, Paul Bergen, Mike Burton and Bruce Wigo.

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