Phelps & Family Reveal Training Plan For 2032

As he alluded to in his latest Facebook Live post earlier this week, 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is indeed training for 2032….however, completely unlike any training he’s done in the past. The most decorated swimmer of all time, along with his wife, Nicole, and one-year-old son Boomer, are #Trainingfor2032 as part of the Huggies Little Swimmers campaign. Aimed at promoting fun, yet safe water play for little ones, Phelps is using his spokesman platform to ensure babies are engaging in secure water play while gaining confidence along the way.

“Some of the best memories of my life have been in the water – and none more special than the days I spend swimming with Boomer,” says Phelps. “I’m not teaching Boomer to master the butterfly just yet, but #Trainingfor2032 includes safe water play that helps build comfort and confidence in the water. I’m partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers because I want to all babies to be the best swimmers they can be.”

Phelps encourages parents to ‘water children daily’ and share fun moments using the hashtag #Trainingfor2032.

“Huggies is excited to be partnering with the Phelps family to offer fun ways for parents to help their babies thrive in the water,” says Giusy Buonfantino, president of Kimberly-Clark Baby and Child Care North America. “Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants are designed specifically for the water so they don’t swell, and feature easy open sides for an adjustable fit so babies can focus on fun.”

The GOAT and family will be an ongoing presence across all Huggies social media channels giving tips and inspiration to parents throughout the year.


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4 years ago

That’s better. I think.

4 years ago


4 years ago

This is very cool, but what is the significance of the year 2032? For example, do they want to cut youth drowning incidents in half by 2032? Again, awesome campaign (and hopefully there is a focus on inner cities in this campaign) and I guess the relevance of 2032 is irrelevant as long as kids are becoming more safe, it just seems kind of arbitrary.

Reply to  sven
4 years ago

It’s the first olympics that babies now could make, at the age of 15-16 (Michael was 15 in Sydney).

Reply to  sven
4 years ago

I’m pretty sure it’s a play on the fact that Boomer would be “near Olympic age” .I’m not certain how I feel about Phelps merchandising his entire family out like he is – it will put a lot of pressure on his kid – but the learn to swim angle is still good to promote.

Reply to  James
4 years ago

It does seem like he’s selling his kid in a way. Nicole has an insta on Boomer and sunscreen, marked #ad. Compare that to another GOAT, Roger Federer who keeps his kids as under wraps as possible

Reply to  sven
4 years ago

2032 Would be the first year Boomer (and other babies) would be eligible for the Olympics.

The Splashfather
Reply to  sven
4 years ago

If we really want success in 2032 for Boomer and others, our universities and the NCAA need to end Title IX or adapt it, which is getting men’s swim programs cut left and right.

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