Phelps 100 Fly Olympic Predictions, Who Will Medal

Here are my picks for the 100 meter butterfly Olympic final:

Phelps in 50.7

McGill: 50.9

le Clos: 51.1

What are yours?

Phelps split-times from the semi-final:

Time Rank Split
50 m 24.20 3 24.20
Finish 50.86 1 26.66


Time Rank Split
50 m 23.90 3 23.90
Finish 51.61 2 27.71

le Clos:

Time Rank Split
50 m 24.35 5 24.35
Finish 51.42 1 27.07


Time Rank Split
50 m 23.56 1 23.56
Finish 51.66 3 28.10


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Andy Dixon
8 years ago

I’ve got to believe Phelps will go at least 50.6 after yesterday. Great 200 im followed by a 50.86… I think he’d be disappointed honestly without at least a 50.6. Kind of like in his 200im, obviously happy and smiling because he won gold, but maybe in the back of his mind: “eh, wish the time was better!”

Phelps 50.54, Le Clos 50.91, McGill 50.93

8 years ago

Not sure he’ll be able to hit it but I think Phelps’ sights will be set on lowering that world record. I could see him being 50.0. After the past few days he seems to be getting faster every day, taper getting into full swing. Plus I’m sure his walls will be nothing but perfection after that disastrous 200 fly.

8 years ago

I don’t know
Phelps will be swimming angry
And the last time he swam angry a certain 49.82 happened

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