Open Water Swimmer Hector Ramirez Ballesteros Writes Swimming Song ‘Let’s Go’

At 22 years old, Hector Ramirez Ballesteros became the first person in history to swim the roughly 10-mile Strait of Gibraltar – doing butterfly.

Six years later, he’s composed an open water swimming anthem: “Let’s Go,” penned for the Woerthersee Swim event.

You can listen to the song below, per the Laguz Swimming YouTube page:

Ballesteros was the guest of honor at the Woerthersee Swim event this year, and composed the song, which was sponsored by Laguz Swimming.

Those interested in Ballesteros’ unreal feat of swimming the Strait of Gibraltar with butterfly can read more here. Ballesteros accomplished the swim in September of 2013. The Strait of Gibraltar is about 10 miles wide, but strong currents make it a much longer swim. Ballesteros finished the swim in 7 hours and 15 minutes.

“During the first hour I knew it was going to be the hardest sporting event I had ever had to face to. Just 10 strokes into the swim made me realize about the harshness of the Straits of Gibraltar. I had been previously informed about sea currents and that they were stronger at the first and last part of the crossing and that if I could not overcome those currents, the crossing would have to be cancelled. The waves in the first hour were steeper as water was hitting the shore. That made my breathing more difficult and I could not see the guide boat. Once that part was over I could focus on technique and get used to the rhythm of the waves and start to enjoy it.”

You can see some impressive video from the swim below:

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2 years ago

Memories…this song was stuck in my head during fly sets

3 years ago


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