Ohio Northern University Swim Team Parody Video, Mackelmore’s Thriftshop

 ONU Swim Team parody video/song of mackelmore’s thriftshop

Walk into the pool like, what up I got a big clock.
getting pumped and swole like a garlock.
Jump in the pool, its so dang frosty
Water so cold, ice like hockey.
Streamline hella deep, followin the black line,
Dressed in all speedo, cept my googles gotta shine.
Got that chlorine smell, comin off my skin
Damn I shoulda showered, but I smell like I win
But shoot I showered last week! Wash it
Scrubbin it washin it, bout to go get some compliments
Passin those fools as they build me a monument
Tired and hungry, damn it coach,
Im pullin and kickin an
Strechin all out, hella happy that’s no doubt, shiit.
Imma take a bathroom break, im,a take a bathroom break.
No foreal-ask clappy- can I share a stall with you?(thank you)
Speedo jumpsuit and some warm slippers
Sike I got you, Im wearin flippers.
They had a broken kickboard, I used a broken kickboard.
I bought a monofin, then I bought a pair of goggles
Hello hello, my lane leader, mando.
Lochte aint got nothing on my ab game, hell no.
I should take a rest, let my legs recover.
The coaching staff be like “aw he got the record”

What you know about rockin a snorkel on your noggin?
What you know about using a monofin?
Im digging im digging im lookin right through my swimbag.
One mans trash , that’s another mans racer.
Thank your gran dad, for donatin that rad… tracer,
Cause. right now.. im settin.. records
It’s the main set, you can find me at the bottom (drowning)
Im that, im that sucker getting lapped in this test set (drowning)
Your sprinters your strokers, your d- fam your divers
Ill take that minute sleep, before the next repeat, cause Ima rock that (SPACE)
Inbetween practice with no time to chill
I hit the swimmer house, and its startin to fill.
They be like “oh my back is super tight”
Im like yo- im goin to bed early tonight.
Limited edition lets do some simple addition,
Eight practices a week, that’s the siwmmer life(sheeeeeeeeeeit)
I call that being fit and ripped.(sheeeeeeeeeeeeit)
I call that getting ready conference
Damn That suits really tight
And having the same as fifty others on this team is hella dope.
Dope for a polar bear, come and take a swim.
Trying to drop some time? All in all the time.
All the time.

Ohio North Swimming and Diving is here.

Follow ONU Swim Team on Twitter here. 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop Featuring Wanz (official video)

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