Olympic Icon Brendan Hansen Named General Manager of Aquatics Operations and Head Coach at Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy

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Upon its planned opening in Fall of 2014, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy (AASA) will be one of the preeminent competitive swim training centers in the United States. In an important step towards the development of the Academy’s world-class training programs, Brendan Hansen, Olympic Medalist and world record holder, has accepted the position of General Manager of Aquatics Operations for AASA and Head Coach for the Austin Swim Club.

Brendan Hansen -- 6-time Olympic medalist -- after the 100 breaststroke final, 2012 US Olympic Swimming Trials (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

Brendan Hansen — 6-time Olympic medalist — after the 100 breaststroke final, 2012 US Olympic Swimming Trials (Photo Credit: Tim Binning, theswimpictures)

The Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy is creating a state of the art training environment for competitive swimmers from the age group level to collegiate and professional swimmers. The facility will include an outdoor 50-meter, eight-lane 2014 Myrtha competition pool along with an athletic training center specifically designed to support the training needs of competitive swimmers. More world records have been set in Mythra pools than any other, and AASA believes that this will be one of the fastest pools in Texas.

Currently, AASA is host to two competitive aquatics clubs – Austin Swim Club and Central Texas Water Polo. The facility will also offer a range of programs to support triathlon training and conditioning.

“Our goal is to offer an experience for competitive swimmers and tri-athletes that is exceptional in all regards – from the quality of the facility to the passion and culture of our training programs,” said Kevin Thompson, Owner, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy. “To that end, we are excited to announce Brendan as our GM of Aquatics Operations and as Head Coach of the Austin Swim Club. Brendan has not only had great individual success as a swimmer over the course of his career, but has also shown tremendous leadership capabilities in roles as captain of both the United States Olympic Swim Team and the University of Texas Men’s Swim Team. His deep passion and commitment to the sport of swimming along with a desire to work with young athletes to help each of them achieve their maximum potential is a perfect fit for AASA.”

Brendan Hansen, 6-time Olympic Medalist (Courtesy of Tim Binning)

Brendan Hansen, 6-time Olympic Medalist (Courtesy of Tim Binning)

“I am fired up to join Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy. AASA and I share a strong commitment to providing an ideal training environment for young swimmers. We want to give them the ability to succeed through a level of commitment, effort and passion from their coaching staff that matches what these athletes bring to the pool each and every day,” said Brendan Hansen, GM Aquatics, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy. “I have been involved in the sport of swimming since I was four years old and began competing at the national and international level at the age of 14. Based on my experience, the training facility at AASA will meet the needs of the competitive swimmer unlike any other facility at which I‘ve had the opportunity to train. This is a great opportunity and I look forward to building this program.”

AASA and Austin Swim Club, along with Hansen, have developed a training philosophy based around the concept of not only driving excellence in competitive performance, but using swimming as a vehicle for developing the overall character of team members. Emphasizing not only individual spirit and commitment to excellence, but also a sense of community – through mutual support for and relationships with team members – the program hopes to build future leaders, as well as world-class swimmers.

“When Brendan decides to do something, he succeeds at the highest level. It can be his family, hunting or fishing, his personal fitness, or coaching swimming. He will do a great job helping the kids realize their potential in swimming and in skills that are important for their lives,” said Head Coach for the Men’s Texas Longhorns Swimming Team and six-time Olympic Coach, Eddie Reese.

For more information on AASA, please visit http://www.aasa-atx.com.

For more information on Austin Swim Club and the competitive swim training programs at AASA, please visit http://www.austinswimclub.org.

Follow AASA on Facebook (Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy), Twitter (@AustinSwimClub), and Instagram (austinswimclubofficial).

Follow Brendan Hansen on Twitter (@BrendanHansen ) and Instagram (Hansenb22).

About the Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy (AASA)

As the premier outdoor swimming facility and sports club in Austin, TX, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy serves those individuals who seek the most complete sport specific programming at a convenient single location. Dedicated to the well-being and improvement of its members, AASA merges expert coaching with a world-class 50-meter aquatic facility, indoor training studio, outdoor training spaces, and an onsite jogging loop. Conveniently located along Southwest Parkway in South Austin, Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy is the foremost one-stop destination for athletes looking to efficiently reach their performance and life goals. For more information, visit http://www.aasa-atx.com. Follow AASA on Facebook (Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy), Twitter (@AustinSwimClub), and Instagram (austinswimclubofficial).


  1. PAC12BACKER says:

    What’s the pay scale for a position like this? Just curious.

  2. Danjohnrob says:

    Congratulations, Brendan! You’ll be terrific at that job!

  3. Curious says:

    Where is Todd Foley going and why did he leave?

  4. TB says:

    More disruption in club swimming in Austin! What happened to Todd Foley?

  5. BV says:

    What happened to Foley? He had done a nice job in his short time with the club.

  6. swimmm says:

    YAYY! good for Hansen! Great to see him still very much involved in swimming! (:

  7. PsychDad says:

    Oh, boy. First if all, I am a huge Brendan’s fan. But being a swim coach is hard enough without adding pressure of the GM position. Especially when your boss is a psycho swim dad. Wish him all the best but giving him only a year, and by August next year he will be out of there. Btw I did not see Foley at TAGS so something was up even then.

    • curious says:

      I saw Foley at TAGS every day.

      I wonder if he quit, or if he was replaced?

    • Fact Checker #1 says:

      Psychodad, you are not very informed on the topic of AASA, so how could you impose any negativity on the association with accurate information? Calling out another swim parent as a “psycho swim dad” when you yourself talk negatively about age group swimmers in the comments of this website is a bit hypocritical.

  8. Dux says:

    Well done!

  9. Completelyconquered says:

    Does the owner have a swimmer on the team?

  10. DFC Pit boss says:

    Brendan is the perfect GM and Head Coach for this position. I know him well, and his passion and dedication to the sport of swimming and training are “non pareil”. I wish him well in this new endeavor, and know he will succeed beyond the doubts of his doubters. Beijing proved this when he swam that outside lane…..Brendan is a winner.

  11. Adam says:

    One person not mentioned on this post that I think I deserves mentioning, is Nate O’brien. This guy is an outstanding Coach and knows his stuff. One of the friendliest coaches I have ever worked with and really gets through to the kids on his team. If I had kids, I would want them to swim for him. However, I do not have kids, but I will hopefully have kids one day. Maybe they will swim for Nate.

    • My youngest daughter has recently joined ASC. As I watch practices, I am totally amazed with the care shown by Nate O’Brien and Brendan. They explain why they are doing each set, and they tell the kids what they should be getting out of each set. Moreover, you won’t get the kind of world class stroke mechanics instructions anywhere else. Nate and Brendan sincerely want the kids to become better swimmers and they motivate the kids exceptionally well.

      I’ve been speaking with Nate for about a year, and though i was “sold” after watching a single “try-out” session with Nate, my daughter was loyal to her former club. It was her decision to stay, and her decision to leave that club to join ASC. As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with this program. More importantly, my daughter can’t wait to get to practice now.

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