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March 02nd, 2020 Gear, Training, Video

Charlie Houchin, CEO of Swimmingly, won his first Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. While continuing his professional swimming career was important, Charlie knew that it wouldn’t be something that would last forever. Very excited to start the “next chapter,” Charlie was able to take his earnings from his Gold Medal and invest it back into the sport, creating Swimmingly – an app that makes swim meets simple and fun for everyone on the pool deck!

The Problem

Did you know that 70% of swimmers decide to leave the sport of swimming before they turn 13 years old?

Have you ever been to a swim meet that seems long and a bit chaotic at times? Maybe you have witnessed the last-minute scrambling for volunteers to help out at a swim meet. Not only that, but the piles of paper and additional volunteers off in the distance compiling results and trying to make sense of handwritten times and DQ sheets. This leaves the amazing, supportive parents around the pool deck asking these common questions:

  1. When is my child swimming?
  2. How’d my child do?
  3. What’s the score of the meet?
  4. When can we leave the meet?

Each piece of paper on the pool deck adds time and stress to your volunteers. Your swim team will have a very hard time improving the experience for parents, swimmers, and coaches until you solve the fundamental problem of running a manual swim meet! Swim meets can be long and boring, we understand. This is exactly why we are here to help!

“I will never go back to the old paper system. Swimmingly continues to save us hours each week of the season!”

Christian Trotter, Downtown Dolphins, GA

The Solution

If you aren’t using touchpads to run your swim meets, Swimmingly is for YOU! 

The Swimmingly App has everything you need to run each swim meet and the Swimmingly Clubhouse online runs your season. There is no need or hassle of integrating other hardware or software! Not only can you run your entire season with Swimmingly, but you can easily integrate with other software programs as well.


  • Starter: “Take your Mark…BEEP” (or cap gun or whistle)
  • Timer: Never miss a start again & NO timer cards!
    • Tap screen to stop the watch, will show the swimmer name for validation, and results will send automatically to the scorekeeper!
    • No more “WAIT, WAIT, I’M NOT READY!”
  • Stroke & Turn Judge: No more wet DQ Slips!
    • Tap to make a DQ, select the lane and infraction, tap save and will automatically send to scorekeeper or referee
    • USA Swimming infraction list
    • Sit back and validate the results as the automatically get sent to your device. You can watch the meet now!
  • Parents: Know what’s happening on the pool deck!
    • Push notifications three events before you child swims
    • REAL-TIME “Unofficial” Results
    • LIVE “Unofficial” Scores
    • LIVE Event Tracker
    • No additional work required!

“Swimmingly greatly improved our overall meet management system. Our swim meets ran faster, required less volunteers, and our swimmers could track their times. We highly recommend other teams switch to Swimmingly next summer!”​

Joe Watts, Harmony Swim Team, NC

If your swim team is:

  • Summer League
  • High School
  • Year-Round Development Program
    • Swim meets that introduce a fun swim meet experience to families

Swimmingly is perfect for you. If you simply don’t have access to touchpads or don’t want to deal with the headache of renting equipment, you can easily run your meets and make them a little more fun for everyone involved!

If your team is ready to take on the new, fun era of running swim meets, visit us at Swimmingly.app and call us today!

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 866.377.7946

Proudly helping leagues and teams across 36 states and 6 countries!

“I was recently a scorekeeper for a high school dual meet yesterday run the “old fashioned” way- no touch pads, manual entry of stopwatch times into Hy-Tek. I had forgotten how time consuming and inaccurate it is to do that since we’ve run summer league with Swimmingly for so long. Would have loved to have been running the meet with Swimmingly!”

Laura Carrico, Williamson County Swim League, TN

Swimming news courtesy of Swimmingly, a SwimSwam partner.

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