Olympic Champion Michael Phelps Insists On ‘No Comebacks’

Despite shake-ups happening in the sport that 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps changed forever, the 33-year-old retired icon insists that he is not coming back.

“In swimming, when you miss one day of training, it takes you two days to get back. In six years, I never missed a single day. It made me better than athletes who took a Sunday off. But now that I am out of the pool, if I go back again, I don’t feel the same. I have lost it. So no comebacks,” Phelps told reporters at an Under Armour event in New Delhi this week.

This may rain on some fans’ parade that were hoping to see the 5-time Olympian grace pools around the world as part of the inaugural International Swimming League, a privatized option to FINA’s newly-launched Champions Series that begins next month. But, at least publicly in these statements, Phelps is content to relish his Olympic memories instead.

“2008 was memorable because I won 8 for 8. Its hard to not say it was the greatest Olympics. But competing in Rio… to climb back to the mountain, was great fun. I felt like a 15 to 16-year-old kid, who was starting to enjoy himself again. They were both very different Olympics. But I love both equally.

“The 2012 Olympics was perhaps when I was in my worst shape. After winning all gold in 2008, it was challenging to figure out my next goal. Later, in 2016, to find the motivation again, and to train and to perform again perfectly, was even more challenging and incredible,” he said.

But, the retired champion confirms his mind is on things well away from the pool. “In the sporting world, I was able to achieve everything I wanted to. Now, I am continuing talking about the importance of healthy and active lifestyles, mental health and water safety. It is something close to me and makes me excited to get out of bed every day,” he said.

Always in a motivating state of mind, Phelps’ advice to the younger generations is, “Never give up on something you truly wanted. If your dream is true, you can do everything to make it a reality. My journey was not always easy… was not always fun. But it was something I truly wanted and there was no one who could stop me from achieving my goals.

“If there is a kid dreaming of 50 Olympic medals, if there is someone dreaming of the stars, they can achieve that,” he said. (Indian Express)

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But what if I dream of 150 olympic medals?


well , thats another story altogether lol


Remember, they’re swimming 50’s and mixed relay’s, next Olympiad, according to Phelps IIRC, they’ll be swimming 75’s, 300’s and more. So 150 is certainly achievable for an age-group swimmer today.


Have the summer Olympics every year. Win 8 gold per year for 20 years. That’s 160 gold, beyond even your wildest imagination.


I recognize MP as the GOAT and what he did for the sport but please the sport of swimming is in great place and let the new generation of swimmers carry the torch.


totally what i feel as well ….

masters swimmer

Completely agree with you 50_SF. Time for him to continue to enjoy life and let the new generation of swimmers carry the torch.


Completely agree!


We will see.. what happened the other times he retired


Not gonna happen. 3 years out of training, competition is only getting better.

He knows it would tarnish his legacy if all he was was a relay alternate.

His bets bet would be 200 IM


I would not agree that 200 IM become faster since Phelps and Lochte years


Was speaking of the 100 free and 100 fly.

I would assume he doesn’t want to train or wouldn’t have time to train to get a base for 200 IM/200Fly/ 200 Free

200 IM has not really improved which is why I said it would be his best shot.


well , for the record , the 2 best times ever in the 200 IM are still by Phelps & Lochte , Nobody has swam faster so far ( since 2011 )


+ 2 kids & Family to take care of ….


So? Dana vollmer is doing the same


When kids enter the picture, everyone’s situation is different and kids have a way of complicating things. Props to Vollmer but not everyone can do that.

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