Nike Swim Introduces Pinnacle Performance Goggle: Nike Vapor

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March 10th, 2020 Gear, Lifestyle, News

Nike Swim unveils its most innovative performance swim goggle to date: the Nike Vapor Goggle. Nike Swim’s pinnacle performance, FINA approved goggle is engineered to minimize drag and maximize field of view, for optimal performance.

Featuring a curved, oversized, drag resistant lenses, the Nike Vapor Goggle maximizes the horizontal and vertical field of view, allowing athletes to sight competitors without breaking proper head and body position. The soft, flexible, ultra-low-profile gasket provides unrivaled comfort.

Swift Track Slide-In Nose Bridge Adjustment System

The integrated Swift Track slide-in nose bridge adjustment system allows for fast and easy customization for all face shapes and fit preferences while the ergonomically curved back clip provides a comfortable, secure fit against the back of the head.

Nike Vapor, More Drag-Resistant

To validate the Vapor Goggle’s drag resistance, Nike Swim conducted in-depth computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to study the drag produced by the Nike Vapor Goggle compared to previous Nike models and leading competitor styles. The CFD testing concluded that the Nike Vapor was more drag-resistant when compared to several key performance styles currently in the market. As with any new goggle development, the product development team conducted thorough athlete testing to ensure that the goggles would remain comfortable and water-tight. They received resounding feedback that these goggles are by far more superior to anything Nike Swim has previously launched.

Lens Treatments Include Mirrored And Non-Mirrored Options

Nike Swim’s extensive new goggle offering, including the Nike Vapor Goggle, will be available in several different lens treatments including mirrored and non-mirrored options. This, in addition to the all-new portfolio of functional lens tints, will provide the athlete with options to suit any swimming environment, be it outdoor, indoor, low light, medium light or bright light.

For more information or to purchase the Nike Vapor Goggle ($30) or the mirrored version ($35) and other all-new Nike Swim performance and training goggles please visit

Swimming news is courtesy of Nike Swim, a SwimSwam partner. 

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